Linney’s Latin

cover.gifThe Linney book arrived yesterday and I’ve added his website into my resources list. He offers free downloadable pronounciation in both Classical and Ecclesiastical Latin. I think we’ll stick with ecclesiastical as the children may learn some hymns and the Mass in Latin as we go on.

The course is written especially for homeschoolers and has a lovely easy start to it. So easy that I think I might be able to persuade Iona she can learn a little too. In fact she can help Ronan (and the girls when they are older).

Roni has learned to say “Sum nauta” (I am a sailer)-which is quite good because he is when he goes out on the boat with daddy.


2 responses to “Linney’s Latin

  1. I love your blog ! not to busy nice CM friendly 😉
    Much Love , Roxie

  2. Thank you Roxie.
    I take it you are a fellow CM fan

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