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Avila’s Hospt appt

We went off to the hospital this morning and Avila saw the paediatrician and then had her bloods taken. He is being pretty thorough so she’ll have Coeliacs test and Wheat sensitivity. He has also requested full blood count, HB, ferintin and some other stuff.

So, now we just await the results.


For me-the forms to make a formal complaint against the hospital and request (firmly) the release of my notes have arrived. I would like to think this will be all that is needed to get the MRI released so the chiropractor can see it-but I have had nearly 6 years now of being given the runaround so I am not holding my breath.

I wont be blogging for a week or so.

God bless

Roy Schoeman coming to Oxford

My friend Amanda has emailed me to say

” ROY SCHOEMAN will be here in the UK speaking about his amazing conversion story from Judaism to Catholicsm, and his wonderful book called ‘Salvation is from the Jews’ and his more recennt work, ‘Honey from the rock’.
He’ll be speaking at 7pm on 13th August at St Gregory & St Augustine’s Church on the Woodstock Road. If you are fee, please try to come and meet Roy and hear his testimony, it really is so inspiring..
Also, there is an Old Mass at 6pm before the talk.”

For those who can’t go his website is HERE

Hospital appt and fighting the NHS

Just a quick note to say Avila has her hosptial appt on Thurs. We are expecting them to take bloods for the full blood count, HB level and Coeliacs test.

Meanwhile I have been advised by the Chiropractor that I need to start an proceedings to make a formal complaint against the hospital where I had my MRI.

I’ll explain more soon when I have more time. Just say a quick prayer please.

40 yrs of Humanae Vitae – God and marriage pt II

In 1930 the Anglican Church held it’s Lambeth Conference. They decided that contraception should be allowed in extreme circumstances for married couples. According to an article in the evangelical magazine Touchstone (which I recommend btw) the reason this decision was made in the face of Scripture and Tradition was that many anglican clergy were already contracepting and wanted the okay for the sin they were committing. I can’t find the article at the moment.

The decision caused Pope Pius XI to immediately respond and Casti Connubii was written in the same year. If you haven’t read it-take the opportunity.

In CC the Holy Father reiterated the holiness of marriage and its place in our relationship with God the giver of Life. 

But the door had been opened and more and more Christians began to see contraception as a possibility and as in the West material wealth increased there was less willingness to have children.

The most well known and widely used modern contraception is The Pill as it has become known. It is a group of pills of various mixtures of synthetic hormone designed to make a woman infertile. The history of the Pill is well told and very ugly. The side effects and damage done to the health and lives of women-including those who died-did nothing to stem the tide of use. In her lecture ‘Contraception, Why Not?’ Dr Smith gives a pretty thorough overview of history post 1930 and the fall out from contraception.

You can listen to it on MP3 HERE

I am not having the time to write about this properly so I will leave it there for now.

HV 40 Yrs; Against Contraception- For Marriage (pt 1)

On Saturday we celebrate the feast of SS Joachim and Anna, the parents of Our Lady, grandparents of Our Lord. I will write their story later. Saturday is also the 40th Anniversary of the promulgation of Humanae Vitae by Pope Paul VI. This is a very important anniversary in the life of the Church as this prophetic document was roundly and very publicly condemned by dissident priests and theologians across the Western part of the Church. One of the leading voices in this movement was Charles Curran. He remains firm in his anti-HV stance despite all that has happened to prove the pope right. I would not say he is a leading voice of dissent these days-Dr Janet Smith utterly smoked him in debate not so long ago-but he is still the figurehead of HV dissent I would think. Click on the links. If you haven’t heard Dr Smith take some time and listen to her; she changed my mind.

Contraception goes back a long way. Egyptian women and their crocodile dung, potions involving mistletoe and various womb bindings; mercury and herbs including poisonous ones were the answer to a pagan woman’s wish to avoid a baby. Most of the market for this seems to have been temple based.

Linked with this of course was Molech worship in which babies and children were sacrificed in the fires of this god.

Kimberly Hahn while still a protestant did her MA thesis on Christian attitudes to contraception. In studying Scripture and seeing how it is so pro-life and anti-contraception she came to learn the Catholic Church’s teaching on the matter. This was the first step for her towards conversion.

While the Old Testament firmly teaches that children are a blessing and the sin of Onan is deadly, it is St Paul’s admonition against Pharmakeia (Gal 5:20) in his letter about marriage and the Church that is the most striking. The word is sometimes translated as ‘magic’ but this was a very specific magic-contraception.

Avoiding children was always seen as a pagan approach to life and the Church continued to condemn it from the Didache (80AD) through the Fathers and right the way through to now. Nothing has changed in the teachings of the Church.

St Paul makes it clear that marriage is holy and that it reflects our relationship with God and even more so with Christ and His Bride the Church. He is only teaching the holiness of marriage as Christ Himself had done, and even in the debates about divorce no good Jew would have contemplated preventing children or killing them. That was what the pagans did.

Schisms and protestantism did not change this teaching. All Orthodox churches retained the teaching against contraception until very recently indeed. I heard a rumour that in some parts of the Russian Orthodox there were mutterings about ‘in extreme circumstances’-but I haven’t seen it verified.

All the protestant leaders-Luther, Calvin, Zwingli and so on stuck with Christian Tradition and taught about the evils of contraception. So it remained until 1930…..

My beloved St Bridget of Sweden

St Birgitta is my role model. I love her to bits.

It is her feast day today. I think I should cook something special tonight to celebrate- but it’s pizza’n’chips night because there’s a Scout’s meeting. Ah well. Happy Feast Day anyway.

Iona is 14 and it astonishes me to think that St Bridget was already married to her 18 yr old husband Ulf by that age.

In 28 years of happy marriage she and Ulf had 8 children; four boys and four girls. The two younger boys died young and Karl, her oldest died of a fever just before he could get into serious trouble over the really horrible Queen Joanna of Naples.

Three of the girls married-Cecilia, Merita and Catherine while the youngest Ingbord became a Cistercian. Catherine’s husband died while she was with her mother in Rome.  She spent the rest of her life with her mother eventually entering her religious order Of the Saviour known as the Brigettines. She is St Catherine of Sweden or Vadstena (where she was Abbess of the Monastary founded by her mother) St Catherine is patron of mothers who have miscarried.

The Brigittines are still a strong and active order. There is a house in Birmingham at the Maryvale Institute.


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Ethical parenting or ‘green’ parenting.

We went to visit family on Sunday and had a lovely time. Alistair’s aunt gave me a copy of a magazine called ‘The Green Parent’ – with due warning that it can be a bit New Agey at times.  We had been talking about the philosophy of education put forward by Charlotte Mason. A large part of a Mason approach to education is getting children to learn about the world around them. We spent the summer term looking at trees and plants and creepy crawlies. Miss Mason ensured that children spent a lot of time out of doors, learning about their environment; treating it with respect and naturally understanding where food came from. This was back in the days before Tesco’s, clingfilm and plastic boxes.

“The Green Parent” is not really Charlotte Mason friendly, but it does have a homeschool article -and apparently does so quite often. Homeschooling rarely gets a mention in the mainstream-so a regular column in a magazine is refreshing to see. There was also a very good article on beekeeping.

I would love to keep bees. I have a probably unachievable dream to have a hive or two, a few chickens and goats and make cheese. The children groan whenever I talk about my cheese making, but a girl has to have her dreams!

One of the major themes of the magazine is that ‘green parenting’ is ‘ethical parenting’.

Now I want to contemplate the Christian response to what is (as far as I can see) is the superstition of environmentalism. The response is stewardship of course, but there is more to genuine ethical parenting than stewardship of the environment.

But I’ll come back to this. Excuse the irony but our Tesco’s delivery has arrived….