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10 Years Service; Silver medal of Guild of St Stephen.


I wish you all a HAPPY and HOLY CHRISTMAS.

It’s the feast of St Stephen today (the Second Day of Christmas) so off we went to Mass this morning.

The boys received their silver medals for 10 years service in the Guild of St Stephen today. I was very proud of them both.

What Are We Waiting For?

I notice that the msm has reported on the Holy Father’s Wednesday Audience of 12th Nov 08 in which, no doubt because he mentions the End Times, they manage to use headlines that completely misrepresent what the Holy Father said. Weird.

What is it about the End of the World and the Second Coming that gets people all twisted in the underwear?

I wont comment on some of the weirder views some people have expressed about the Holy Father’s straight forward and rather beautiful escahatological teaching.

As Advent continues we are awaiting the Parousia and the Holy Father talks of St Paul’s teaching on this. We have to remember that for the early Church the imminent return of Christ came with the Parousia in 70AD when Jerusalem and the Temple were destroyed. By this point nearly all Christians who had seen the Signs of the Times had sold their property, distributed their wealth and got well away from Jerusalem.

We are taught that from the days of the Resurrection we had entered the last days and are now living in what one priest I remember described as “The Already but Not Yet” of the Parousia-the coming of Christ. This could be another way of saying as the Holy Father did that “The Three moments” of salvation history; Creation-Incarnation-Parousia “Are not understood simply in chronological succession.”


I am not sure why some commentators got so irate that the Holy Father should say we still don’t know when Christ is coming (as the Just Judge)-we don’t. We do know all the prophecies that Scripture warn us about-the AntiChrist for a major example-have yet to be fulfilled.

There is no sign of Enoch and Elijah just yet.

There are many many signs that the end is on its way, but there are a lot of things yet to happen.

I think the Holy Father is simply saying we need to put our trust in God and not think too much about stuff we don’t need to be fretting about right now.

Jesus is coming. He is Present in all the Tabernacles East to West. That’s good enough for now.

And don’t forget; St Faustina was told we are living in a time of Mercy-let’s not be too quick to wish for judgment.

O Clavis David

I know I am a bit behind. The others are



O Sapientia!


First day of the O Antiphons today.

Catholic Culture has some good resourses including an O Antiphon House like an advent calender.  And then there’s the chance to practice “O Come o come Emmanuel” or Veni Veni Emmanual.

Go HERE to click on the youtube vid and hear the beautiful chant for today.

The screen is finished!


The great art project is finished! At 8:30 yesterday morning Alex’s tutor arrived in a scarily small car to take it to college. There was a rather tense few minutes while she and Alex tried to work out how to fit the screen into her car.

Sunday: Alex got up early(!!!!) and went to 9am Mass. The rest of us went to an 11am Mass for a friend’s baby’s Christening. We didn’t stay for the party afterwards, but went home. I got lunch on the table with alacrity and then it was all hands on deck as the last bits of wax from the batik were ironed off- the wooden frame laid out and the screens attached with upholstery pins.

Finally-late Sunday afternoon the whole thing was complete and Alex only had a whole lot of other art work to do.

He finishes Wednesday and we all get to relax then.

Immaculee’s Story pt 2

Scroll down my blog a bit for part 1. This is a fascinating interview -probably the most in depth one I’ve come across. As you watch spare a prayer for the people of the Congo (Zaire) suffering the same massacres for the same pointless reasons.

Immaculee’s story Pt 1