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Josh has type 1 diabetes

august-08-032First I would just like to say thank you for all the prayers. Yesterday was a tough day but it went well.

Josh hasn’t been feeling good for a few weeks now and he has lost more weight than is good for anyone (and he has never been even remotely overweight). He had all the classical diabetic symptoms but like a man he refused to go to the doctors.

So I bought the dipsticks. The results were alarming -so much so that even Josh agreed he would go to the docs. I managed to get an emergency appointment at the GP yesterday morning and he was excellent. He diagnosed Type 1 diabetes (as we had suspected) and after a firm phone call to the hospital we were told to turn up for assessment and he would probably be admitted. We spent the afternoon at the hospital and Josh was extra fortunate in that the diabetic nurses were available and we were sent to the clinic where he had his training and first insulin injections, both of which he self administered. His glucose was over 30 so the check simply said ‘High’- though it did fluctuate between 26/27.8 to High.

He has had all fingers pricked and lots of blood taken. His ketones were very high but dripped to 4.7 and are now 1.5 which is much better. The high ketones explained the 2 stones of weight he has lost over the last few weeks. His blood acids were okay thank God.

Josh was allowed to come home-but to his relief. He has been back this morning and since being home we have been really impressed as the clinic staff have phoned him three times already and will continue to do so until his insulin dose is decided on and his glucose and ketones are within normal range.

He came home last night with a bag load of kit. Two insulin pens (two different types), reflocheck, needles, strips, pouches, booklets…there’s a lot to take in at first. He is handling it well. He is so thin he can only inject the top of his legs at the moment, but we are hoping he will soon put back some weight and be able to use other sites soon.

I have to say he already looks better. Not so grey and he is more awake and even managed to sleep most of the night last night (no more up and down to the loo). He is still thirsty, but not as badly and he can swallow now without difficulty.

In case you’re interested. He takes Glargine 16 units (from the rather snazzily named SOLOSTAR pen) and then NovoRapid 6units three times a day just before meals. That’s changed from 4 units yesterday and may change again.

It’s good to see him looking better. Keep him in your prayers and thank you everyone. Thanks especially Antonia for your information.

I also have to thank the home ed family who come here on Tuesdays. When they arrived we had just returned from the GP and were to head off to hospital. J was unfazed and took over the home edding for the afternoon while her husband did the hospital run for us dropping us off and picking us up early evening.

We got home just in time to baby sit for another home ed family, LOL. It was a busy day!

Alistair had carer’s leave today so he did the clinic trip with Josh this morning.

RONAN’s Hospt Appoitment.

A few weeks ago Ronan told me he would see out of his blind eye. It was just peripheral but we let the hospital know. He had only just been discharged! Fortunately we didn’t have to go through the rigmarole of re-referral and got todays appointment through quite quickly.

They tested his eyes and he does have some vision. He can’t read anything with his blind eye and can really only make out large shapes and movement but can identify shapes (hand, face etc). It doesn’t seem this is enough to make it worth operating though she will check with the consultant and phone us. If he wants to see Ronan another appointment will be sent. If not, then discharge again. I’m not really holding out hope although I think it was worth it anyway.