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Type 1 Diabetes: Josh update

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Josh is in the early stage of trying to get on top of his diabetes. The Diabetic clinic have been very good, phoning regularly and checking up on him. They did say they would see him in 6weeks but as his glucose remains in the 20s they will see him next week.

American numbers are quite different. I reckon the 20s for us is in the high300s for American numbers. I am sure Therese knows all this far better than I do.

Josh has been told to rest and when he does that keeps his ketones under the magic 0.6 but he has to move around too and then they start climbing up towards 2 again. I think he just needs to put on some weight to help with this.

He is feeling much better and it is lovely to see him more awake and more energetic.

Getting to grips with the complicated prescription is proving a challenge for us and the pharmacy. There is so much stuff to have. So far there has been a lack of Xceed strips, no SoloStar pen available and he gave him the wrong size needles somehow.

The clinic have changed Josh’s doses so he is on 18 units SoloStar and 8 then 6 and 6 of NovoRapid. We are assuming that will have to change again as Josh’s glucose levels remain high.

Therese is doing some excellent posts on Type 1 Diabetes.

Part One

Part Two autoimmune

Part Three Treatment

Part Four-Pump Treatment. Josh isn’t doing this, but may do in the future.

I’ve also found mooching through THIS BOOK very useful and thought provoking. The information about cows milk in particular caught my attention. I was intolerant of cows milk as a child and have always tried to keep the children’s milk drinking very moderate. It is interesting that they think even breastfeeding doesn’t necessarily protect against type 1.

I was also glad to see in this book that there is encouragement for self assessment of insulin need. Josh is really keen to do this already, so I hope the clinic will support him in learning enough to do so.

Ronan wants to understand what is happening to Josh and I think Grandma Sandy’s site looks great for this.

Therese, if you or anyone else has sites, books or other such things you think will be of use, please do say so.