Staffordshire County Council

Sometimes words fail me! YOU JUST HAVE TO READ WHAT STAFFs  COUNTY COUNCIL ACTUALLY WROTE!**%^! Matt Hupfield will soon be a legend in his own lifetime as he so doggedly refuses to let Staffordshire County Council pull him down. I think I may have posted a link previously HIS FIGHT-but if not, here it is again.

Please do read Gill’s take on it all (linked above) and read carefully just what the council were so very reluctant to release despite being legally obliged to do so once Mr Hupfield made the FOI request. Why were they so reluctant to have those answers made public? Do they, by any chance know quite well how ridiculous and unreasonable those responses were? And if so, what were they up to?

Why DO those in the LAs who fill out these forms want so much more power than they already have? Do they honestly want the weight of being responsible, like a parent, to so many children-or are they just bullies who want to intimidate  others and get a buzz out of that?

Meanwhile Ed Balls anti-Catholic bigot extraordinaire continues to attack Catholic schools, and Jewish ones I might add. These are the schools that Catholic families paid to have built and still pay for in the Church collection as well as through taxes.

Catholic home edders are left paying through taxes and church donations for a service we do not use and yet Balls wants to penalise us even more.

Remember the days of the Catholic Tax? Looks like this Government will be bringing it back only with a Jewish Tax added on for good measure.

This is not a Government that values freedom; not does it like to see successful education as it attacks those schools which are shown to do well, ie Faith schools (particularly Catholic ones) and home educators.

As I have said before, this is not just about home education. This is an outright attack on the rights of all parents and children.

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