Daily Archives: May 16, 2009

Sidebar update

I’ve updated the sidebar quite a bit. See if there is anything useful. 🙂

Sign the Petition against ads for abortion.


Please take a couple of minutes to sign this NO ABORTION ADDS ON TV PETITION. I can’t imagine why it is considered a good idea to have the fake charity big abortion industry advertising for mothers to bring their unborn children for a ‘procedure’ but this Government are so far into the pit that all things are possible.

One day mothers will receive some real choices they can make with all the information put in front of them.

On day girls will be given the dignity and respect they deserve so that they don’t go running off and getting pregnant. Older married women will feel safe enough and supported enough to have that extra child they hadn’t quite planned on; abused mothers will receive the support they really need, rather than a quick fix, no questions asked and sent back to the abuser; one day adoption will be seen a choice so that a child has a life and parents who will love him; one day disabled children will be given the same love and respect as ‘perfect’ children and not simply killed. One day, but not yet, so sign the petition.