Daily Archives: May 21, 2009

Government response on Home Education.

There has been a response of sorts from the Govt to the petition over home education. It is a remarkable response in that it manages to almost completely ignore the premise of the petition.  I don’t suppose anyone is surprised by this-it is the usual MO of this Govt. I really can’t imagine why Graham Badman wants to be cuddled up with this lot.

Carlotta does her usual excellent fisk and to be honest I don’t have much to add to that.

Yesterday I spent a good chunk of the day with a University student who is struggling (the Uni haven’t bothered to intervene but that’s another story). One of the essays he has been set is on the wonderful subject of teaching Citizenship in schools. AS we ploughed through the stuff it became increasinglu evident that this subject which they openly advise should be introduced into lots of other subjects such as RE, PSHE and of course we already see it in science, is a massive jugganaut of Government (socialist) propaganda. It is linked with all sorts of nasties including the ever present ECM (Every Child Matters) outcomes.

As I helped this student unravel his ideas for the essay I was increasingly horrified by the sheer magnitude of “citzenship” and how it is pure social indoctrination-with no one really having the guts to stand against it.

I am going to be blogging pretty soon about how the CES has caved BIG TIME to the Government agenda to groom children to be future clients for Planned Parenthood.

Any parent, whether they home educate or have their children in school, need to take notice now and start fighting back.

I read recently that Ed Balls denied that parents had a right to remove children from lessons.

As I have said from the beginning this is not just about home education-it’s about our rights as parents and the very real damage planned against our children.