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Why has the CES agreed to implement sex ed (grooming) into Catholic Schools?

In his letter Ian Dowty suggests that those of us who home educate have not been supportive enough of parents who choose to put their children in school. I have to say I disagree; many of us have been very hands on helping friends whose children remain in school.

One area ALL parents need to stand together on is the shocking Government approach to sex education being forced onto even very young children in our schools. While grooming has been made a crime, apparently it is perfectly fine for the Government to put teachers in a position where they are grooming children as young as 9, attacking their innocence and breaking down natural inhibitions. All this is made worse by the fact the Catholic Church in England and the Catholic Education Service are colluding in it all.

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Pro-Life Witness

                           Oxford PRO-LIFE WITNESS

                                                       Saturday, 30th MAY

In reparation for abortion and prayers for all unborn babies, their mothers, fathers and all those involved in abortion,

                                                             3pm – 4pm

                   We stand at the entrance to the John Radcliffe hospital, Headley Way, Oxford.


Please meet at St Anthony of Padua Church, Headley Way  (car park available) – just behind the entrance.

The short video is of Dr Bernard Nathanson the last surviving founder of NARAL. It is worth a minute of your time.
Refreshments afterwards in Church hall.