Why has the CES agreed to implement sex ed (grooming) into Catholic Schools?

In his letter Ian Dowty suggests that those of us who home educate have not been supportive enough of parents who choose to put their children in school. I have to say I disagree; many of us have been very hands on helping friends whose children remain in school.

One area ALL parents need to stand together on is the shocking Government approach to sex education being forced onto even very young children in our schools. While grooming has been made a crime, apparently it is perfectly fine for the Government to put teachers in a position where they are grooming children as young as 9, attacking their innocence and breaking down natural inhibitions. All this is made worse by the fact the Catholic Church in England and the Catholic Education Service are colluding in it all.

Sex education has been around a long time and has patently failed to prevent risk taking behaviour in young people. While the NHS struggles with the shocking growth in sexually transmitted diseases, the abortion industry are doing nicely out of the rise in unwanted pregnancies. Follow the money.

Who is behind the sex ed programmes? Why do they think this is the best way of going about things? Again I think follow-the-money is the answer. It seems the Government funded Teenage Pregnancy Unit were instrumental in the formation of All That I Am which was launched from the Birmingham Archdiocese with the blessing of the now Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols. While he did not get around to replying to letters from parents asking him to protest the Government review of Sex Education, he did manage to write a letter to the Catholic Herald supporting Oona Stannard and her strange take on how Government sex ed should come before Catholic teaching in Catholic schools.

It is shocking to see the Church in England having so easily forgotten that parents have the primary right and duty to educate their children and this especially includes in the sensitive area of sexual development and health. In fact the CES response to the review states this:

b) A recognition of the importance of the role of parents as the first educators of their children.  This, too, will need to be carefully developed and we are pleased to note the recognition of the role and responsibilities of governing bodies that is included in the Government’s response;

Carefully developed how? Am I alone in seeing this as parents will need to cave to Governing bodies on the welfare and education of their children?

All That I Am is to be given out in mixed classes from the age of 9. There is no acknowledgement that children develop differently and that some children are more sensitive than others. Why on earth does Stannard and The Archbishop think it is a good thing to force this information on children who may not be ready at all?

There is an excellent overview here on THE SENSIBLE BOND’s site where he shows that of all the letters to bishops sent out on six bothered to respond and with the exception of Bishop O’Donaghue (whom we fondly refer to as POD) they said the CES would come up with the goods.

On the All that I Am website there are short video clips that are long of introductory jargon and short on anything that would help parents make informed decisions about whether their child should sit through the lesson. However one thing that struck me about the video for yr 5 (9-10yr olds) is that there was a bizarre inference that advertising of hygeine products that suggest ‘sexiness’ was a good way to teach personal hygeine to children!

The whole ‘get clean, get girls’ message is the antipathy of the Church teaching on respect for the person who IS NOT AN OBJECT. Still, at least it was cool man…er, not.

More on this later.


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