Daily Archives: May 29, 2009

My little book of blog rules

I’ve had a few emails and requests to be linked to my blog. I thought I might explain how I go about things here.

It’s nothing personal but I just don’t add links or advertise for people I don’t know here. I have received requests that look legit but I simply don’t have time to check them out and so I just don’t feel able to add those links.

Obviously if I know a site is morally dodgy I wont link.

I also avoid linking to sites even ‘good’ Catholic ones that imo have a snide and nasty tone towards ‘less good’ Catholics or fellow Christians. Attacking bad media is one thing-atacking people is another. Having been a ‘less good’ Catholic not so long ago I can tell you bluntly the attitude I see on some sites wouldn’t have persuaded me and I am thankful I never saw such writings before I came fully Home. I am not against legit criticism-in fact I’m all for it; and I’m not against blunt forthright criticism-but spite is different, and it comes across as spiritual pride sometimes.

I also don’t link to any site where I know the owner/writer is linked with individuals, families, groups, organisations that I believe are morally dodgy if the writer/owner seems to think that they are fine and dandy.

Sorry folks-it is not personal.