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Kindness and books from Catholics United For The Faith

faithandlifeseriesI have been meaning to write about this for some time but got sidetracked with the horrors of the Government review on home education and the even worse horror of the implementation of the really explicit and innocence busting All That I Am sex ed for Catholic primary schools. *sigh*

So now for some good news.

For some time I have been wondering what proper catechetical tool I  could use with my younger children to guide them through learning the Faith. As Ronan turned 6 I was more determined to find something as he would be requiring preparation for the Sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion. As you may know I was using the excellent online Catechism, but the child friendly version isn’t ready yet and so we were ploughing through some pretty difficult concepts in a rather ad hoc way.

Faith and Life had been on my radar for quite some time and I had looked at the DOWNLOADS and free chapters and really loved it; but it is not readily available here in the UK and I couldn’t find it at a price we would easily afford.

Well my friend Shana said she would look out for something her side of the pond. The next thing I know I am being sent the WHOLE series free from Mike Sullivan of Catholics United for the Faith. I was amazed and so thankful.

But when the box arrived, there wasn’t just one full set of books and workbooks, there were two. This means I have been able to lend books out to other home educating families and they will be passed around and well used.

We started using the first book Our Heavenly Father straight away. Both Ronan and Avila enjoy it although Avila being only 4 isn’t quite up to some of the worksheets yet. Even so she can draw pictures and as she already knows the Our Father she simply recited it as part of her lesson rather than writing the missing words on the sheet as Ronan did.

I think she will repeat the book when she is older and help Heleyna with it.

The series of well structured and gets gradually more in depth. The activities are good and the student book has beautiful art illustrations for each lesson and chapter. We spend some time in the lesson just looking at the art work.

It would be wonderful if something like CUF could exist over here, stocking such books and helping to support families as they try to bring children up in this rather challenging anti-family anti-life culture we live in. (Maybe one day I will get to do something like it, who knows?)

Thank God for them and I ask you to check out their website and say a prayer for Mike and all the work he does.

And don’t forget Shana and the WORK SHE DOES too. Her rosaries are tough and long wearing.

The world can feel like a dark place sometimes but there are people out there making it a whole lot brighter!