What to do with an empty insulin pen?

Did you make that perfect birthday cake and forget the candles? Did you have a power cut and need a light? Worry not! Josh is at hand with his empy Novo Rapid and Solo Star pens. Novo20FlexPenOnce they are empty he wonders what to do with them. (This is Josh remember-the man who built a boat thing about of empty Guiness cans and called it The Black Arthur before launching it into a huge puddle during a massive downpour).

Josh takes out the glass inner tube and fills them with various things; one had rum, but that didn’t work. He tried olive oil, but for some reason that didn’t work either and finally vodka.

And there is a lamp-candle thing ready for any celebration!

Home ed Noos cam June 09 006

He gets through a lot of these pens. If I buy a bottle of vodka and a roll of string (for the wicks) we could have light in all circumstances.



4 responses to “What to do with an empty insulin pen?

  1. lol. That is a great idea.

  2. He\’s got creative genius, that\’s for sure! I was thinking about your son only yesterday when i was sitting in the doctors and they have this \’medical tv\’ thing and it said \’diabetic?\’ If you are travelling abroad, remember to consider the time zone change…..then the next page was about something totally different and i was a bit put out because it didn\’t give any more information!

    Anyway, the thought popped in my head, \’I wonder how Shell\’s son is getting on with his diabetes/treatment?\’

    Now i know! He seems to be doing just fine and his creative spirit is firing (candling?) in all cylinders…or pens… Lol!

  3. something weird happened to my comment above. LOL!

  4. What a riot!

    Josh, you are amazing.

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