mount_carmelI know, I know I am late with this, but the feast of Our Lady of Carmel is an important one so I didn’t want to let it slide by completely unremarked.

It’s not just that Our Lady gave us the Brown Scapular through St Simon Stock and showed her love of the Carmelite order. It is her link through Mount Carmel with the Old Testament saint Elijah. There’s just something special about Carmel.

I have a few people to pray for at the moment-people in really, really difficult circimstances and so I ask Our Lady of Carmel to pray for them-which I am sure she will.

Hopefully I will be on top of things enough to blog on the feast of my beloved St Birgetta of Sweden in a few days.


I haven’t got around to reading Caritas in Veritate yet. Now the holidays are upon us I hope to get a bit of time to do so. I’ve heard some good analysis of it so far and wonder what it will have to say to a an ordinary mum like me. Quite a lot probably.

At this point I haven’t even had time to read the comments on the encyclical but I have seen some lovely quotes from the Holy Father as I skimmed through the document. His insistance that rights presuppose duty to others for a start. He strongly challenges the “I’m alright Jack” attitude of so many where they seem to think they only need to look after themselves. He challenges the arbitary rights insisted on by some groups while basic human rights are violated and ignored. He talks about the place of family and of subsidiarity (gotta love the man) but I really do need to get to grips with all 30,000 words I think. I get the impression the Holy Father is simply reiterating love of family, love of neighbour, and sharing to change the world; but that might be a gross oversimplification and I haven’t read it all yet.


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  1. How long are your holidays Shell? I haven’t read the encyclical either but I am going to get it next time we are in Adelaide.

  2. They are nearly 7 weeks this year. While not much structured work will happen, we’ll probably carry on with some bits and pieces educationally speaking-simply because there’s a kind of habit to it.
    In the midst of it I hope to read the encyclical. lol

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