Badman report on Home Education: Inquiry into the review.

Rumours that there was to be an inquiry into the review on home education were not exaggerated it seems. THERE IS ONE happening. It says it will be a short one. I have to say I am unsure what to make of this. Whether it is an honest attempt to understand what has made home educating families so angry or whether it is a whitewash to say how wonderful Badman, Balls and the rest of the team are and try and shut us up remains to be seen. I’m not immediately convinced this will be honest but hey.

Getting less than 3000 words down on:

• the conduct of the review and related consultations (e.g. the constitution of the review team; the scope of the terms of reference for the review; and the nature of the consultation documents).
• the recommendations made by the review on elective home education.

There have been some developments over Freedom of Information.  In the ‘You couldn’t make this up’ category the DSCF have decided to hide behind section 38 making out that Graham Badman is in personal danger if the truth gets out. You can read more on CARLOTTA’s BLOG HERE From what Lord Lucas says there appear to have been blogs that have been nasty. Got to say I personally haven’t seen any. I am aware of one ‘satirical’ blog which likely leans towards spite (but I haven’t been there so I don’t know) and apparently it came up with something that lots of people suddenly believed-but this hardly merits using section 38 does it? If the nasty bloggers include those of us who have pointed out the gross inaccuracies and false allegations against the home educating community then that is simply dishonest (again) use of legal loopholes isn’t it? None of this helps us trust the Government, Badman or anyone involved in this mess.

Please do read what Lord Lucas says. He is trying to help us. He does make an interesting comment that a commenter in the thread picks up on; that Governments deal with groups not individuals. That implies to me that ordinary people who vote have no voice whatsoever when faced with dishonest tactics. We have to belong to some monitored, scrutinised, boxed in group.

Meanwhile one person has received the most arrogant response from NASWE I think it could be possible to write. I can’t put it here as I haven’t had permission and I don’t think I could really do the tone of the letter justice but they refuse to give up the information on how they responded to the review. They are not a public body so don’t have to say although you can ask the DSCF they say.  They then go on to say they would be happy to defend their submission at a venue of their choosing and NO RECORDINGS made.

Social workers in the UK have a dreadful reputation. Many are good people who want to do a good job I am sure, but responses like this from NASWE only add to the sense that social workers are not to be trusted and that home educating families need to keep them well away from our homes and children. No one is asking for truly confidential information which would be case histories with names attached. We just want to know WHY we are accused of abuse when there appears to be no evidence and why we are being lumped together with children missing education. It’s a fair question.

It seems to some of us home ed mums that all this is not just a single attack on home education but part of a huge antifamily agenda from this Government. We need to approach this from a “save the family” point of view I am thinking. Many of us have been fighting for the rights of children, families, disabled people, marriage for a long long time now. This is just another approach, another attack.


4 responses to “Badman report on Home Education: Inquiry into the review.

  1. home educator (Midlands)

    This is rapidly developing into Badmangate.

    The government are refusing to say how much it cost them to make this disgraceful and vile report, and how much Badman and his “experts” claimed in expenses. The reason they give? Because releasing the info might endanger Badman’s health and safety, given that some people are trying to “vilify” him on the internet. They are going to look even viler than they already look, once more light is shone on this foul set of totalitarian proposals.

    Badman and his “experts” were obviously told to put the boot in against us, and to think up reasons for doing so. Who told them? What did Ed Balls know and when did he know it? How much money has been pocketed?

    Badmangate, that’s what it is…

  2. It’s good to meet another Midland home edder.
    I too have wondered how much this shambles of a review and report-and consultation and now inquiry is costing us. I am quite sure Badman, Heppell and the rest of the team have done very nicely out this deal with the DSCF.

    I have a nasty feeling this attempt to stamp on home ed has been a long time in the planning and they are determined to stamp hard.
    With Barry Sheerman as chairma of the inquiry – an MP who has show little support of even mild free thought in school let alone among the rest of us. We are truly in for a rough ride.

  3. The Badman report is definitely ill conceived and the recommendations are contrary to the wishes of the people who were supposedly consulted.

    It is clear that there is a political agenda here and the so-called “public consultation” is a mere formality, nobody cares what we think.

    I have worked in the NHS in the administrative wing so I know a little of how government departments work. The driving force is that Ed Balls wants a bigger pay check, a larger office and more staff. So he has to create a fictitious problem that needs his departments attention. Every time I hear about the so-called link between home education and child abuse, or home education and arranged marriages are much the same as the supposed weapons of mass destruction that could be assembled and launched within 45 minutes but are so well hidden that nobody could ever find them.

    To be honest, it doesn’t matter if thousands of children are unnecessarily traumatised or other children are forced to put up with bullying and abuse because their parents are afraid of unwarranted intrusions by the local authorities. All that matter is that Ed Balls gets his bigger office.

    Let’s hope we have enough honest politicians who will vote against this national disgrace becoming law.

    • I too worked in the NHS (for 16 years!) and like you have seen the underbelly of the political monster.
      I truly would like t believe there are honest politicians-but to be honest so far I haven’t come across many.

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