Feast of St. Bridget of Sweden

183730Today is the feast of my beloved St Bridget of Sweden. She is an amazing woman and a very powerful intersessor -she must have sore knees even in heaven!

Bridget was a wife and mother as well as the foundress of the Bridgetine order. At the age of 13 her marriage was arranged with the a8 yr old Ulf, a good and gentle man. They had 8 children one of whom is St Katrin of Sweden or Vadstena. But Bridget also knew the heart ache of seeing a child go off the rails quite seriously. One of her sons, Karl got embroiled in an adulterous affair, dazzled by wealth and power and wanting whatever he wanted. His affair with the really rather nasty Queen Joanna of Naples came to an end when he died in his mother’s arms.

Bridget knows about the trials and triumphs of parenthood and her daughter Katrin is the patron saint of mothers who miscarry their babies.

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I have a lot of resources for St Bridget -or to be more accurate St Birgitta in my sidebar. She wrote a huge amount after God spoke with her. Much like St Faustina she kept a spiritual diary and there is much to learn from it. 

One of the things we see in the diaries of St Bridget and St Faustina is that God doesn’t just leave us trying to read the signs of the times. He never leaves us in the dark about what He wants of us and what is happening around us. In every generation He sends someone to speak to us, to warn us and to encourage us.

As I write this I am listening to Fr John Corapi. I think he is the one to speak to our generation. If we choose not to listen that is one thing-but we can’t say we weren’t offered the opportunity to understand can we?


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