The place of endless sky.

We’ve been away for a week and are back to ‘real life’ now. We stayed near Bamburgh as we have done for the last few years. It is a place with a huge amount of sky. You really do feel you are out in the open with a great dome stretching overhead and arching down into the sea. We went up to Edinburgh for the day to see the kin folk and had a lovely time with them all. The little ones all play together as though they see each other every day.

P1000435We visited Lindisfarne and the three biggies walked the causeway as we were coming home. It takes about an hour following the line of poles across the sea bed from the island to the mainland.

Lindisfarne is an ambivalent place I think. It has all that natural beauty and so much history to it but also a kind of sadness. The great abbey was destroyed by the rapacious greed of Henry VIII and a lot of the stone went to building the rather ugly castle on the other side of the island. Yet this is a place of saints; Cuthbert, Aidan Chad who brought Christ to Mercia and Cedd his brother who went further south. Across the bay at Bamburgh was Saint Oswald and his son St Oswy and near by St Wilfred came and even St Ronan of Iona (for whom our Ronan is named).

It’s not always easy to sense that Lindisfarne is still Holy Isle but it is there. P1000442

Once they were near the mainland (we have driven over the road causeway) Alistair and Heleyna went out to meet them.

Back at the caravan site the children made friends and played for hours.

On the Wednesday night on the way back from Edinburgh we saw a shooting star. There had been a few the night before apparently but we just saw this one-which was special enough. The caravan site was very dark and this meant the stars on a clear night were very easy to see. The Milky Way was clear over head-not quite as white and definite as I once saw it in the middle of nowhere some years ago but it was still there. I don’t think I have ever seen it in the city.

It was a lovely week and we are very grateful for the generosity of someone who made sure we could afford to go. Thank you.


One response to “The place of endless sky.

  1. I’m so glad you had such a lovely holiday 🙂

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