Curriculum plans; books and websites.

I’ve been mooching around websites looking for good curriculum ideas and the best prices for the books I want to get. I’ve also had a good look at Iona’s Open University plans.

IONA: entering yr 11 (grade 10): At the moment she has been using the OPEN LEARN site as a practice run for ‘real’ courses. Next year once she turns sixteen we are hoping to get her enrolled in YASS- Young Applicants in Schools and Colleges. Assuming there are no hitches over the fact that she is home educated (and I assume there won’t be) Iona wants to start with the “Start Writing Fiction” course which is level 1 and 10 points. She will need 120 points at level 1 to complete her first degree year. We are hoping that over the next three years that will take her to end of what would have been 6th form she can complete the majority of the 120 points.

Another way of getting qualifications would be to gain a High School Diploma via one of the high standard American homeschooling acadamies such as St Thomas Aquinas or Seton. Some time ago we did consider this for Iona and possibly Alex, but decided it didn’t suit them. Alex went on to college anyway. OU seems to be a more flexible route for Iona at this point.

I do use ideas from both Aquinas and Seton for curriculum and I love the fact that Seton let you have a preview of their recommended materials so I can decide if I really want to buy them or not. It really does help decision making.

Meanwhile Mr Linney and friends have been busy and Getting Started With Spanish is set up and running. It isn’t finished but that’s okay with us. I’ve ordered the book via Amazon. If it’s as good as the Latin we are going to do fine.

For those of a more Classical bent Memoria Press is a great place to start. I have ordered the cursive writing books from them. In the future I would be interested in their Rhetoric and Logic courses. They offer some great articles from The Classical Teacher as well.

Adoremus Books is just a brilliant hub all things homeschoolish and the prices aren’t too bad. I’m still checking around though and stuff I can get cheaper this side of the pond I am doing so. I have ordered some stuff from Catholic Heritage Curricula. They don’t take foreign orders automatically so I had to email them-but they were quick in sorting out what I wanted and setting up a payment page for me.

I think I’ve been a bit slow in discovering all these brilliant curriculums and bookstores and too reticent to order from America. But the quality of the stuff that side of the pond is excellent. I don’t know of equivalents over here. (sadly). They even have such gems as the Chesterton Academy which I think is a Dale Alquist venture. It looks very good indeed.

So, the timetable is done-books are ordered-some have even arrived…I think I’m about ready to roll.


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