“Not Back to School Picnics” – Badman Review.

 Picnic The picnics that are taking place to raise awareness of what home education is really all about-as opposed to the view put out by Badman Balls and some of the media are as follows:

OXFORD- 26th Sept. 11:30 am -venue tba but most likely South Parks Headington Hill

EVESHAM- 16th Sept 11am Crown Meadow, Evesham Worcester from 11am onwards

BIRMINGHAM – 16th Sept Wed at the Birmingham Cathedral Green from 1pm onwards.

 Bubbles BRING BUBBLES and of course a picnic. The Oxford event seems to have a lot of things going on but with the Evesham and Birmingham events we are asked to bring activities for the children. Be there and get seen and heard. While this is a protest there is no need for anyone to get angry. We are simply being home ed families showing that we are not a bunch of child abusers.

I don’t want to post phone numbers here but contact your local groups for more information. See you there! School's Out 


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