Home Education with a tornado toddler.


was the first day of term today. Ronan was pleased to be getting back to a more structured approach and Avila was very proud to be officially learning with Ronan. She has been doing a lot over the last few months to be honest, but she enjoyed the fact that today she got her learning box and file and was able to put her work in it.

Heleyna is just under 2 and a half. The sudden change in routine disrupted her view of the world considerably and she was quite cross about it. At first she was loud and clingy and cried at any given opporunity.

Josh was around so he kindly took her off for a distraction time for a while. Even so I needed to find ways to help her adapt to the change in routine and join in with Ronan and Avila, so she could feel part of the process without disrupting the children’s learning time. She settled into her chair to play with the Math U See manipulatives while the other two finished off their work. She had paper and pencils while we worked through chapters of Faith and Life and while the children did a little penmanship. As the morning went on Heleyna was happy to find things to do herself and by lunch time was more or less settled. She had some time singing songs with me and her singing teddy (see photo-that bear has saved us from many a toddler tornado).

I usually try to find a small activity for her that is similar to what the others are doing as she likes to think she is learning too. Sometimes however she just needs to be doing something else entirely.

After lunch she chased bubbles dutifully blown for her by Ronan and Avila and then went to play outside with them.

I am hoping she will be more settled tomorrow. Things were made slightly more complicated by the fact we are potty training her at the moment as well! Getting bottoms on potties while teaching Latin is a novel experience!

During storytime (Caligula and Caractacus from Our Island Story) Avila kindly moved off my lap to let Heleyna sit there. We had a quiet time with the story and although we had a discussion about it I didn’t ask for narrations today. The children have to be patient with Heleyna as she can be fidgety and loud but by making sure she got lots of time for her things haven’t been too bad.


One response to “Home Education with a tornado toddler.

  1. I like your uses of the term Tornado Toddler. You have used some great tools to overcome these Terrible Twos. Keep it up. It will get better!

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