Home education can look good!

HomeschoolingWorksI have to admit that those of us who educate our children at home tend to be a rather defensive lot. The main reason for this of course is the shocking amount of times we find ourselves having to defend our choice to home educate.  Parents who quite willingly send their children to be battery farmed all day with a shallow, boring and meaningless curriculum are not made to defend themselves. While children tell of bullying, class disruption, porn handed round and far too often teachers who don’t know the subject they are teaching, parents who send their children into these environments are considered fine.

It can seem to us who choose to home educate that it is downright perverse that we are constantly judged and criticised by people who neither know, nor more often than not, want to know what home ed is all about.

It is a lovely breath of fresh air then when someone says something utterly positive about the whole thing.

A friend of mine popped over today for a coffee just as we were finishing off the mornings work. She came fully armed with a sand and water play table, which made her extra welcome Smile.  The children were keen to tell her all they had been learning about and show her some of their work. To my surprise she pointed out that what they had done this morning would probably take about a week in school as there were so many children in the class who would all have to be brought up to speed. She should know as she works in a school. She was (I think) genuinely impressed by what they had done and by their enthusiasm for what they are learning.  She said they would never be able to do what they are doing in school. Even the small fact that Ronan had made a ‘house’ under the table to work in this morning, she pointed out would never be allowed in school.

It is rare that someone who is not themselves a home educator shows genuine interest and appreciation of what the children do and learn. It is good when it happens. I know, I know, it shouldn’t matter what other people think or say-but those of you doing this too, know that just sometimes it is nice to have someone tell you your kids they are doing well.


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