Charlotte Mason Home Education: Autumn Week 1

I am going to try and write up a general overview of the week at the end of each week with info on books and events just in case this is of any use to anyone.

Avila is 4 and has entered UK reception (in the USA I think she wouldn’t be in formal ed yet). Ronan in 6 and has entered UK year 2 and USA Grade 1. Iona is 15 and would be UK yr 11 and USA Grade 10-she is autonomously educated. I follow the USA grades more closely because that is easier for curriculum planning for me.

We are using Math U See. Ronan has just completed Primer and received his certificate. Avila is working through it with remarkable speed. They both love the DVDs and having Mr Demme able to repeat himself as often as necessary is a great help. It is also a help that another home ed family is also using the course and as her children are older she is ahead of us. We are splitting the cost so she will pass the DVDs on to me and I will buy the workbooks when required.

I have just started the children on Language of God book A. It’s a straightforward way of teaching early grammar. There’s a lot on CHC I quite like. Both children have taken to this. It has a very clear approach.

Penmanship: Avila is using the letter formation sheets from Starfall. Ronan has begun his New American Cursive writing and has really taken to it. I have been a bit surprised as he never liked writing all that much. Perhaps this is the method for him.

Faith:We are still using Faith and Life book 1 -Ronan is further ahead than Avila as he started last year. The art work in these books is very good-classical and a good starter for conversation on the topic. The children love the Bible stories that go with this and although Ronan is ahead he always listens in on Avila’s chapter and she listens to his.

Obviously daily prayer is part of their Faith formation too.

LANGUAGES: We are using the Linney books for Latin and Spanish and Signed Stories website to support my teaching them BSL.

For group work such as Geography we are using Weather and Climate by Barbara Taylor: I love the simplicity of the lay out for her books (I have all three). Each chapter is a couple of pages long with a couple of experiments and activities for the children to do. This week we covered how the sun affects the weather and showed using hot and cold water how hot air rises. We blew bubbles over each bowl of water to have a look. Then the children went outside just as the sun came out (very fortunately) and made sundials.

For history we are using Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer. One of the mums has the activity book and sometimes we add-lib a bit. So this week the children drew their own ideas for a hanging garden of Babylon. As we were reading about Nebuchadnezzar we also spent some time looking at the famous painting by William Blake.

The rest of the books we have used this week are as follows:

Pagoo the story of a hermit crab. Lots of info about life in the sea.

50 Stories Retold, Our Island Story and Tales From Shakespeare.

Greek Myths

Aesop’s Fables

Artistic Pursuits this week was landscapes and a Paul Cezanne. The children used oil pastels to draw their own landscape.

For music we are using Very Easy Recorder book and they listen to Classics for Kids and Ronan did the quiz. I am just at the point where I think the worksheet might suit him too.

Nature Study The main focus has been on acorns and chestnuts with some understanding of the trees just beginning to change colour for the autumn. Also quite a lot of time has been spent looking at butterflies. We seem to have been very blessed with large variety this Summer.

Other Science: Exploring Creation With Astronomy. Ronan has this with the notebook. It’s written with a Charlotte Mason philosophy underpinning and Ronan loves it. We also watched a National Geographic programme about the Galileo mission to Jupiter.

Okay I think that covers most of this week. I’ll talk about other activities later.


5 responses to “Charlotte Mason Home Education: Autumn Week 1

  1. Wow! That’s quite a week! Wonderful.

    In the U.S. many 4 yo’s go to “pre-K” but it is not mandatory.

  2. so far we have taught straight from the catechism for religion but next year I am going to get the Faith And Life Series.

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  4. We are doing similar things!
    I bought the Faith and Life series a few years ago and just started with them this year since they didn’t start until first grade (used the K prgram from Image of God), Right Start math, Connecting with History with a small group (my son just made a chariot as his project and has been Julius Caesar and a member of the crowd who asks Cincinnatus to return to Rome), Artistic Pursuits 2 (working on Cimabue right now), doing a unit study on Switzerland, Map Skills, and would LOVE to add a language but don’t know how to pronounce French or Spanish or Latin (know some German, but feel the kids should learn Spanish since it’s becoming common in our culture and/or French to be able to talk to their cousins…and of course Latin would be good too.) We also use Encounter the saints book and Vision books (now reprinted by Ignatius). Science is from Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding. And, our bedtime stories are numerous classics, we just finished the Silver Chair in the Narnia series. I always love to hear what you are doing. It’s all so interesting…think I enjoy homeschooling as much, if not more, than the kids!!!

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