Charlotte MasonHome Education Autumn week 2

After Week ONE I don’t think I need to write everything we have done this week. Most of the regular stuff is the same as last week.

On Tuesday the Geography lesson was about weather temperatures. The children got to have a look at my jam thermometer and then we recapped about how the sun warms the land and makes the wind. There was a great experiment to do making a thermometer out of coloured water and a straw and then setting it into boiling water. Well, the children had great fun making the thermometers but sadly we couldn’t get them to work. I did wonder whether we should have used vodka instead of water as alcohol is more temp sensitive.  Anyone else done this?

We didn’t do any formal learning on Wednesday as we attended the Not Back to School Picnic in town. The children ran around with lots of home ed kids they had never met before which was good.

Habit training: I think one of the reasons Ronan finds narration such a challenge is that he has still not learned to put his full listening attention into whatever the story is I am telling. Sometimes the problem is the level of language in the story, but that is easily solved by him asking “What does that mean?” Sometimes I check he has understood by asking him what something means.

I have decided I want Ronan to sit still and very quiet when I am reading to him. No fidgeting on the chair or messing with things. He is just about managing to do this which will be a good habit of self control once he has the hang of it and already his narration skills have improved.

STORY: I read the children more of Pagoo to the children and then we spent quite some time with a whole load of seashells, muscle, barnacle, razor clam etc. It was really love to see the children so fascinated (we had a house full of kids as usual) and being able to see and touch the things Pagoo comes across in his hermit crab adventures.

Iona has downloaded a piano and keyboard instruction thing that she is trying out. She has found it impossible to learn to read music probably because of how dyslexic she is, but this course teaches you to play by ear. It is based on teaching music patterns. We’ll see how she gets on and I’ll post a link soon.

For art we looked at Portraits (using Artistic Pursuits). Now I expected the children to either draw themselves or each other-but no- we got Batman and Superman from the boys although Avila eventually decided to draw me and her together.

Meanwhile I have signed up to a new Starfall site called More Starfall.

The children used the songs from KidsKnowIt as we started some work learning about the sun.


2 responses to “Charlotte MasonHome Education Autumn week 2

  1. Hello there,

    You could try making a thermometer that uses gas to expand rather than liquid. I can usually get these to work.

    There is a diagram of one on the following URL

    A nicer one is 16th century and unfortunately I can’t find a picture of it. You need a small hollow spherical/conical bit of glass ( a perfume bottle perhaps )into which is securely fastened, using a bung, a glass tube. Get it quite warm, then invert in in a beaker of coloured water. As it cools the water rises up the glass pipe. In the “old days” a sick person would stick the glass sphere into their mouths and see how far the water would rise/fall down the tube. The healthy doctor would then do the same and they would compare temperatures. You can imagine the problems associated with infectious diseases and this method.

  2. Rita
    Thanks for that. It’s brilliant. We’ll give it a go.

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