Ed Balls can afford Home Education reviews, but not teachers or University fees!

In the “You couldn’t make it up” category we are greeted with the astounding fact that as the great Home Education Consultation continues, costing masses of undisclosed tax payers money that Ed is out to get rid of head teachers and Universities want students to get into even more debt for a degree that doesn’t even guarantee a job!

Teacher’s Unions who were quite happy to see money wasted on attacking the home education community are apparently jolly cross that their mate Ed Balls is now attacking them. Apparently sacking head teachers and forcing more mega schools, sorry, “federations” with yet more faceless children in the crowd schooling.

The comments on the Times Online article show that most people are well aware that Balls is well skilled at throwing money where it doesn’t need to go.

So, as he sacks teachers and makes life more and more difficult for the ones left; how much will be spent on Badman, Heppell and the rest of the crew who ran around accusing home educating families of abuse and needing to be monitored, measured, registered and generally intimidated? How many extra staff will be needed to ensure good families are not too independent in thought and education?

The cuts are going into Higher Ed as well with a call for students -who often leave University with more than £25,000 debt- to pay even more for their degrees. If degrees do get any more expensive than they are now I frankly can’t see my children ever going to University at all. Will home educators start looking at home degrees? Are there more opportunities than the Open Uni? I can remember talking about this long ago with a home ed dad who works in HE. It could be time some of us started pooling our resources and getting some accreditation from America (Where independent learning is well thought of and where homeschooling curriculums are accredited to High School Diploma level)

Meanwhile as Balls and Brown try and scrape back the £2billion they frittered there is the Home Education Consultation still going on, still using up money. Well of course it might be a real necessity, what with all that abuse in the home education community-but then the reason they didn’t mention it in the actual Badman Review might be because the evidence isn’t there and so NOW THEY ARE BEGGING LAs TO PROVIDE SOME!!!Thanks to FOI however the actual stats are already well known and as you see home educated children are less likely to be abused per capita than in the rest of the community.

The fact that this bullying and deeply nasty Government have run out of money could prove a good thing. Perhaps they will simply not be able to come after home educators after all. But I really would not put it past them to see schools close and teachers leave just to pay for more sillyness. There is to be a general election next year (hopefully!) but I have little trust in “Dave” who reminds me of Tony Blair.

I’ve signed a Catholic Home educators joint submission to the Charade of  a consultation.


3 responses to “Ed Balls can afford Home Education reviews, but not teachers or University fees!

  1. Sigh…it is all so DESPERATELY frustrating, I agree 😦

  2. the money is running out and people who send there children to school will not put up with there money being wasted on home educators.DCSF?Balls are in big trouble over this!

  3. Hi, I just gave you this award.

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