Charlotte Mason Home Education: Autumn Wk 3

On Sunday there was Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers Parade at Mass followed by a trip to Cosford Air Museum. We went there as a family in the hols so for Ronan, Iona and Alex this was known territory.

P1000709 Narration: I’ve been using the set stories from the Ambleside Online curriculum for Ronan’s narration.  We’ve been trying to take it slowly but this week I felt we were hitting a wall on this one. Ronan is 6. The stories from Our Island Story and Fifty Famous Stories Retold can be quite long and complicated and Roni simply isn’t getting to grips with them. We have decided that narration will be from Aesop or other shorter stories for now and he can simply answer a few questions about other stories. Hopefully this will build up to fuller narrations and better memory and retention skills as he gets older and more practiced. To help he is going to draw a picture of some aspect of each story.

Poems We are changing between R L Stevenson and A A Milne but I am also using poem time to do some simple songs with all three of them.

Heleyna and Avila have spent some time with the songs on MoreStarfall. (I have payed $35 for a years membership) While I’m talking about MoreStarfall I would like to mention that Avila enjoys sitting with Heleyna and teaching her about colours or the movements for the songs or reading her a story.

There’s been the usual enthusiastic craft and drawing activities going on. I have the craft cupboard well stocked at the moment and a friend kindly bought the children some stuff towards their home ed activities.

This weeks Geography experiment WORKED! The chapter was about air pressure and the children went outside and filled cups with water and put a piece of card on the top. They held the cup upside down and IT WORKED! There was a great deal to be said about technique and yes we had a very wet lawn at the end of this. One of the babies fearlessly toddled around under the various upturned cups and despite the fact that every so often one would give out and water would go everywhere, she somehow managed to remaindry throughout.

Reading Ronan has moved onto the Oxford Reading stage 9 books and has begun reading other books too. He was a bit reluctant to at first but after reading a story to Heleyna he has decided that he can and will read more books and is having a good go at this. On the 23rd as it was the feast day of St Padre Pio he read with me from the St Joseph Picture book story of the saint.

I’ve been feel a bit yukky this week and pretty bad the last couple of days; Tramadol days. The planned timetable has proved flexible and the children were able to do some independent learning on dinosaurs and with a bit of support from me (slightly drugged) on the workings of the human eye.

There was no art, Sign or history today but there was Astronomy and Andocles and the Lion and they did a short thing online about learning some basic Chinese. Well, why not.

We’ve used the following websites this week:

Classics for Kids: learning about Zoltan Kodaly. We listen to the weekly show and the piece of music and Ronan does the quiz. I think we will start using the worksheets as well soon.

KidsKnowIt for all sorts of stuff including the songs.

And some Usborne linked sites for dinosaurs.

Iona has been busy with Open Uni free stuff on OPEN LEARN. She is reading Dorothy Sayers books on Lord Peter Wimsey and Dumas’ book The Man In the Iron Mask. She is still working away on projects on the Franklin Expedition, Incorruptable Saints and has just started some notes on Toxicology. Meanwhile with some help from me, she has begun studying Oscar Wilde’s “An Ideal Husband.” She has also been having a go with those piano/keyboard lessons she found online.

It’s British Food Fortnight and I KNOW we should be doing something about this-but I haven’t had the energy. Next week we really have to have a go at something.

Other stuff – the children have been to the shops and helped pay for items of food. Ronan is slowly getting to understand money. On the walks to the shops they are observing how the trees are changing and what flowers are out and what fruit is nearly ready to be picked.

Iona has done extra cooking this week because I’m not well. Learning to cook for a family is a very good skill to have.

Here are previous weeks:

Autumn Week 1

Autumn Week 2


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