Charlotte Mason Home Education: Autumn Wk 4

On Monday a lovely big box arrived stuffed full of the whole series of Vision Books. It was an expensive buy, but well worth it as the books wored out at about £4 each; far cheaper than buying them one at a time. The children chose St John Bosco and we have been reading it a chapter a day. I don’t think Ronan will be ready to read them independently for another year or so.

Meanwhile one of the mums has brought over a bog set of the Oxford Reading Tree real life stories from stages 8 to 11 and includes, much to Ronan’s delight The Story of Neil Armstrong. Although Ronan is still working through stage 9 he wants to have a go at this stage 11 book and I think it will be a good guide to where he is with vocab and reading.

You don’t have to use a reading scheme, and I know a lot of parents don’t; but for us it is working well and giving me a good idea of just where the children are in skill, vocab and word recognition. It helps to know where to stretch them a little and where to slow down.

Avila is reading through stage 3 and using Starfall to back up her phonic skills.

On Wednesday morning there was a rather impromptu singing and action session where all three children were using the MoreStarfall songs; head, shoulders, knees and toes; Looby Loo etc.

Latin: Not sure how anyone else who uses Linney Latin does this, but Ronan has reached the declension stages with grids of words to learn by chant. So, he chants them; Sum, es, est, sumus, estis, sunt  and so on with specto. Then of course he has to remember what each one means. To make things a bit easier I am using the whiteboard and writing them up there. Every so often he will pass by and stop for a quick chant and then we have jumping around and chanting. Meanwhile Avila has her key words for the day up there too. This can look a bit ‘schooly’ but it seems to be working. Anyone else do something like this?

On Tuesday afternoon I improvised a bit on the lesson on clouds from Weather and Climate. We used the lovely Tomie de Poala book The Cloud Book. The children all went into the garden after the lesson to cloud spot and we were lucky enough to see three different types of cloud mooching around at that moment. Then they were provided with a bucket of chalks and spent some time (including the toddlers) drawing clouds on the patio slabs. It is not what was suggested in the book but it was simple and fun.

On Thursday normal lessons were put aside for a Home Ed trip to Cadbury World. One of the dads later commented that this has been a very worthwhile trip as the children were able to tell him so much about their day and what they had seen and done. We’re going to do some followup work on Chocolate next week which will include looking at my lovely Green & Black’s recipe book that Iona bought me some time ago and the Usborne Story of Chocolate.

On Friday we did the usual from Artistic Pursuits and Story of the World. Heleyna had fun joining in when the children designed a Grecian vase each.

I taught colours in Sign Language and we signed and sang I Can See A Rainbow.

K had come over with a great big bag on Damsons all freshly picked so we made Damson jelly with the children. As Ks children had not done this before it was good for them to get to grips with pectin, strainers and jam thermometers. I’m going to finish off our jam making this coming week and lend her the kit so she can make some more with her kids at home.

An awful lot of Lego construction has been going on this week. I think Lego is the best toy for kids!



2 responses to “Charlotte Mason Home Education: Autumn Wk 4

  1. Sounds like another great week!

    I had to google to find out what a Damson is! Those pictures sure looked tasty. Now I’m in the mood for plums!

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