It’s My Birthday!

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It’s my birthday Birthday Candlesand Iona made me a lovely cake. Friends have been round with hugs and pressies and more are due later. The children have made me cards and I have the traditional box of jelly babies. What more can a girl ask for?


7 responses to “It’s My Birthday!

  1. Wish you a very, very happy birthday! It sounds like a wonderful day. May you blessed with many, many more such as this one!

  2. Happy Birthday! Many blessings sent your way. Hope it was wonderful!

  3. Ooooh, Jelly Babies. I eat a bag most weekends! :blush:

    Hope you had a very lovely, happy birthday! 🙂
    Mrs.P xx

  4. Thank you all. I had a lovely day. Got quite a bit of lovely Green & Black’s choc as well. ooh lovely.

  5. What pleasure it gives me to wish you a very Happy Birthday, my friend!

    May you celebrate many more to come!

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