Daily Archives: October 7, 2009

The Thermometer Experiment repeat.

A couple of weeks ago the children made thermometers out of jars and straws and they didn’t work at all. Rita very kindly sent some information on how to make a smaller one with better equipment. So this afternoon Ronan set about re-doing the thermometer experiment.

P1000788The glass tubes were a bit short so we had to half fill the test tube with coloured water but it did rise up the little inner tube a bit.

Ronan chose green food colouring for this time around.

Then I boiled some water.

P1000792Ronan held the thermometer in the boiled water for quite some time-and then we stirred my cup of tea with it too. LOL. Anyway, there wasn’t much of a result, but I think I saw a small shift in the water in the tube.

My guess is, it would work better with a longer tube, less water and perhaps if I had lit the little burner under it too. But with Miss Heleyna the Scary One around I didn’t dare.

Anyway, thank you Rita. It was fun and I am glad I invested in a little science kit.


Birmingham Children’s Social Service-not fit for purpose.

The news covered the story a couple of days ago that Birmingham Children’s Services has been found “not fit for purpose”. The tragic story of the murder of Kyra Ishaq fronts this piece of news. She was one of 15 children killed under the nose of Social Services in Birmingham over five years. The news story does not mention that her case was misused as a stick with which to beat families who have chosen to home educate.

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