Home Education ‘Consultation’-Government stitch up.

I had a bad feeling about this so called consultation from the get-go. The fact that someone with the narrow view of Baz Sheerman was in charge, and he is such a buddy of dear ol’Ed Balls hardly filled me with trust and hope.

Still, even I am a bit shocked (not very, just a bit) to see the line up that so blatantly bellows “STITCH UP!” at those of us who home educate.

Carlotta has posted her draft consultation response. As I posted some time ago I have signed one representing those of us who are Catholic Home Educators.

Carlotta also draws our attention to the lists as posted on these blogs. THE SELECT COMMITTEE WITNESSES and HERE some commentary on it too. 

Now, I have to admit that I am not that bothered that only Education Otherwise are represented. I don’t think that much of EO but then I don’t think the other groups speak for me either. I do think, in all fairness at least two groups should have had members there.

I am also not that bothered that the two home ed parents chosen are both men. I think it’s odd but not that bothersome. What DOES bother me hugely is that one of them Simon Webb has written some pretty awful and frankly twisted things about people who have chosen to home educate in a way he did not. I am also concerned by his bizarre statement about those of us who are home educating children with what are called ‘special needs’. He seems to know nothing about those needs and shows a crass disregard for the way schools have let our children down. More than that though, the man isn’t even home educating any more!!

Out of the thousands of home educating parents all over the country could they not have found a handful of parents who ARE actually doing the job of home educating?

AND WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN? No child has been invited to speak. I am sure there are some teens or even adults who were home educated who could speak. None are on the list.

Finally we are left with the utterly ludicrous situation that a member of the NSPCC is to be there. How any of those people dare show themselves in public is beyond me. BTW I hope all you good people who read this blog never give anything to this “charity”.

Meanwhile I will continue to educate my children, who do not belong to Balls and his cronies no matter what he thinks, as I, and they see fit.


3 responses to “Home Education ‘Consultation’-Government stitch up.

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  2. “No child has been invited to speak” this is the sort of thing that they are using to destroy Home Education. They are using the pretext of the ‘rights of the child’ as a way into your house. Do not be fooled by this.

    Children have no place in such matters. You need to understand the nature of the threats against you, and not be such a wooly thinker.

    Your heart is in the right place, but if you do not put all the pieces together correctly, your picture of reality will be hopelessly broken.

    I applaud you for standing up for yourself and your family.

  3. Thanks Willem you have picked me up on that one nicely. I was a bit woolly in my writing there. I will update and clarify 🙂

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