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Charlotte Mason Home Education Autumn Wk 5

Iona has been busy with her projects on Toxicology, the Franklin Expedition and the Incorruptible Saints. Meanwhile she started some work on Cyrano de Bergerac-a play I am rather fond of. I have bought her the film version which is in French with English subtitles, starring Gerard Depardieu. She has an English translation of the play. Meanwhile in more French themed work she is reading The Man In The Iron Mask by Dumas.

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ANOTHER review; This time What is “suitable” home education?

From the way most of the MSM is reporting Britain is already geared and running toward the next general election which even if Brown hangs on and on, must happen by June next year. There is no sign of a real upturn in the economy and most families I know are truly struggling to make ends meet. The national debt is climbing and the Tories don’t seem to feel the need to fight too hard as they are apparently facing an almost guaranteed win next year. You would think, would you not, that any rational person would be trying to look good for the next election; trying to show some genuine care for the state of the economy and even for the very real mess education is in right now.

But not this lot.

The BBC are running the story that far from backing off from the ridiculous and expensive review of home education there is to be even more. So far I can only find that the BBC is running the story. The Government (having money to burn) are now to decide what it thinks is “Suitable” education. A long time ago I said I was very concerned that this major attack on our rights as parents and the welfare of our children would lead to us being faced with a forced curriculum.  Those of us who have a Christocentric approach and who are not teaching Government approved sex ed and some of the more dubious superstitions around “science” are about to be facing a huge problem.

I know a lot of families are already looking to moving to Scotland and others are looking at getting out of the UK altogether. It becoming increasingly clear that for those who can, they are wise to do so.

Will the Tories undo the damage? I have to say I don’t think they will come after us in the same way; but I certainly don’t think they will undo much damage either.