Charlotte Mason Home Education Autumn Wk 5

Iona has been busy with her projects on Toxicology, the Franklin Expedition and the Incorruptible Saints. Meanwhile she started some work on Cyrano de Bergerac-a play I am rather fond of. I have bought her the film version which is in French with English subtitles, starring Gerard Depardieu. She has an English translation of the play. Meanwhile in more French themed work she is reading The Man In The Iron Mask by Dumas.

Yesterday she lead a home ed session on making chocolates. As we had visited Cadbury World last week and I had read The Story of Chocolate through the week with the children, we completed the theme with all the home ed kids making their own chocolates. Ronan and Avila made little solid ones in moulds while the older children had a great time making filled chocolates. Some survived the day to be taken home to their dad! It was good to see Iona teaching them and I felt this was a very traditional way to educate, with the oldest child teaching younger ones.

I have been reading St John Bosco from my lovely box of Vision Books. In it there is an interesting overview of how Don Bosco sets about educating his 400 lads in one huge shed. His system was, as seems to have been the way in a lot schools for the very poor-to have older and more sensible children who had already learned, teach the younger ones.

Ronan loves cursive and is getting to grips with it quite quickly. He isn’t ready to write freehand in it yet but I think it wont be long.

He’s slowly improving with narration as well. We worked with the story of William Tell and the Aesop Fable The Frogs Who Wanted A King and both went pretty well.

He’s moved up Jesus Our Life in Faith and Life which I note on the website is for Grade 2 rather than Grade 1 but that just happens to be where we are. (Avila is still using Book 1 Our Heavenly Father). For Ronan this is the start of Sacramental prep.

We are continuing along with Math U See and using a couple of useful Youtube vids to assist us. Avila has learned her skipcounting very well thanks to the Skip Counting Song and in History yesterday we re-looked at Steve Demme’s excellent vid Learn the Greek Alphabet in less than 10 minutes.

Latin and Spanish are going well though we did no Sign Language this week. In Spanish Ronan liked the fact I had made a mistake writing out Mr. Linney’s excercises on the whiteboard. He asked me to rewrite the excercises and make a load more mistakes and he would correct them. It was good game and Avila joined in (even though she had said 5 minutes earlier that she didn’t feel like doing any Spanish).

The children have been out walking to see Autumn in action. We have leaves, acorns and conkers for an Autumn display box which I am hoping we will get around to next week.

The rest of the usual lessons happened; Artistic Pursuits was about life events being painted this week. The children were introduced to Homer, the Iliad and the Odyssey in history which links in with some of the Greek Myths we have already read. More Oxford Reading Tree reading and I have been given more books of various kinds in levels 10 and above. There was music, craft, Beavers, Scouts, friends to play with, a bit of drama…so on and on. A usual week.

I’m still not well unfortunately which I am getting frustrated with. Havinga quiet day today-not least because I have lost my voice!



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