Into relative silence! (Home ed with no voice)

heron_frog_workshopI lost my voice over the weekend. This morning I have something that sounds like a croaky-squeak thing but it isn’t a proper voice.  The children read to me this morning :). Then I turned to good old Librivox for the chapter of Our Island Story they were to listen to for narration. We didn’t do a lot of narration but Ronan understood the basis of what the story was about.

Instead of me reading to them at storytime they listened to The Tale of Peter rabbit from Light Up Your Brain.

Thankfully both Latin and Spanish are spoken on Mr Linney’s excellent websites.

Mr Demme did all the talking – well most of it- with Math U See.

Finally, they watched a couple of Signed Stories just for fun. I didn’t go through the Sign Language with them.

While I have had to croak-squeak a bit through the day there’s plenty of online stuff that allows a mother to be silent(ish) for a while.

But be warned; I am armed with Lemsip, lozzies and inhalers. I will be BACK!


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