Badman at the Select Committee.

The Select Committee Meeting yesterday was almost farcical. I took notes  and if no one gets there first I will try and get time to transcribe chunks of it at least.badmang_180px

There are some corking reactions around the net that I truly recommend you good people read.

CARLOTTA has done her usual excellent job HERE and HERE.

I noticed that the Guardian came in for special praise during the little pre-meeting on appointing the new Children’s Minister. They have apparently written something nice about children. The media as a whole got blamed for the way home educating parents have been tarnished with the broad brush accusation that we are all a bunch of child abusers. The childcatcherGuardinista came back to kiss the Gov with THIS astonishingly false piece that even though it was in the Guardian I am a bit shocked. The comments however from normal people soon put it in to rights. To think a couple of days ago I read THIS daft piece which also soon got put to rights by the good people leaving comments.  It has come to my attention that if I want to know the truth about almost anything these days, I go to a blog written by anyone other than a journo! Frankly even I, housewife, home educating mother and very, very tired person-couldn’t write anything as trivial, inaccurate and downright twaddlesome as this little lot! They should be deeply ashamed that while they are paid to write unmitigated crassness that many people who write blogs or comment on other people’s have more integrity and actual knowledge which they offer for free.

But back to the Committee.  The only case used to beat us with was that of Kyra Ishaq who was starved to death here in Birmingham. She was, of course, in school and was already well known as a child at risk by the “not fit for purpose” Social Service’s dept. When her mother de-registered her from school no one seemed to be all that bothered and then ten weeks later the poor little child had been starved to death. She as one of over 15 cases in five years where children have died under the nose of Birmingham Children’s Social Services. As is sadly all to common in these cases the “step father” was involved. So is the Government going to have all step fathers and ‘mothers boyfriends’ registered and vetted? Er no. Are they going after all muslim families as this was a muslim(ish) family? Er no. They are instead coming after all home educators because for a very few weeks before she died Khyra Ishaq had been removed from school for “home education” , now ALL home educating families are to be treated as guilty until proven innocent.

While Barry Sheerman could talk about “horror stories” associated with home education, he seemed unable to list any. Then between his whining about the anger his review had merited in home ed circles Badman could only spin bizarre stats that even I could see were utterly untrustworthy. Then after insisting that “no decisions had been made” a number of things were said that appear to contradict this.

On the one hand they muttered that there would be no forced curriculum and then we are told there should be “a curriculum structure…” which seemed to be one the LA would have to approve.

There was a lot of unanswered questions including why a child should be seen alone and then after all the guff about the Rights of the Child Badman and his pals insisted that any child who tried to excercise his right to to be interviewed by a strange (and hostile)m adult might have that right removed if the LA decide he didn’t really mean it!

Anyway-I’ll post this as it is now. More to follow I dare say.


BLOGDIAL on children as property and a reminder that the Nazi law banning home education is actively policed in modern Germany. There is also the stark warning that the USA is next as Obama wants children spending more time in school (of course he does).


One response to “Badman at the Select Committee.

  1. Yes, we’re following down the path… more stealthily, perhaps, but I think most of us feel “it” coming. Hopefully, prayerfully, the stealth they seek will require them to move so slowly that we can get a new government before any serious damage is done. 3 more years. *sigh*

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