Daily Archives: October 14, 2009

Select Committe part 2. Barry Sheerman was sitting on a prickly cushion or something.

I watched the select committee meeting part 2 this morning. It was much more hostile and poor old Barry was very prickly today compared to his relaxed and smiling approach on Monday. Just as the whole thing ended and I put down my pen Josh pointed out THIS bit of news about school education. The same story is in the Guadinista and the similar Indi. This one in the Mail gives some interesting figures about low literacy and numeracy problems and how employers are having to teach these matters. Got to say, I wouldn’t want my children to get their education via Tesco’s. They don’t have a reputation for honesty, good practice and fairness after all do they? Nevertheless, the fact that they ARE having to teach literacy and numeracy is a remarkable indictment of schools.

Bishop Hill has written an excellent letter. H/T to Carlotta. Bishop Hill is responding to the strange response from a LibDem MP who was scratching her head over the real fears of home educating families. As the last time I heard a response from a Lib Dem it was the very illiberal and grossly undemocratic view that if the Lib Dems ever got into power (no chance thankfully) that “There would be no need for home education.”

To the meeting.

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