Be afraid you ‘religious’ home educaters, be very, very afraid.

Peter Traves from the Association of Directors of Chilren’s Services was insistant that his pretty bottom was on the line if anything happened to any home educated child. He never once wondered why he should be responsible for all these children that have no need of his services, but hey, what a power trip.

Meanwhile he managed this amazing statement when challenged on the terrible state of LA services and schools, that lead so many of us to withdraw our children:

There are also parents who withdraw their children, I have to say, for particular religious view and wanted that religious view incultcating that child. It isn’t  just about the rights of parents, it’s also about the rights of children…”

So my family no longer has a right to religious freedom in his eyes. My children can’t use their Catholic Heritage Curricula or Faith and Life books. 

Already we have heard that disabled people should not be home educating and religious home ed has been attacked time and time again. I do wish these people would learn a little history.


5 responses to “Be afraid you ‘religious’ home educaters, be very, very afraid.

  1. This man is such a prat, he should be sacked, apart from the above truly shocking statement, he has just admitted in public that it is all about him not the kids. I don’t have a bad enough name in my vocabulary for his type.

  2. Quite incredible that someone in a senior position can say things like this and get away with it. I despair of this country, I really do 😦

  3. nojusticeforparents

    i have had it to the back teeth with Mr Traves he will not accept any accountability


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