Charlotte Mason Home Education Week 6 (with sick time)

It’s been an odd week.

The children had a lot of audio learning time when I lost my voice at the weekend and still couldn’t speak for any length of time as the learning began.  The children read a little more to me and listened to stories online. They could still do Latin and Spanish as the audio is on the wesbites.  Math U See comes with DVDs so that too was not a problem. However what was a problem was the fact I couldn’t organise too much energetic learning.  One of the other mums took the Tues pm session which meant I could just sit through it.

After the doc mentioned hospital as an option on Tues I decided to have a couple of days being very quiet. So on Wednesday the children had a play day.  They spent some of that time with Starfall and MoreStarfall and they did some free reading and art work. A lot of Lego construction went on. I can’t see this as a bad thing at all.

On Thurs we had other children here and a wonderful self-directed craft activity happened and an even bigger Lego construction.

By yesterday I was feeling better and we did a normal full day with reading, the whole group being here for Artistic Pursuits, Sign Language and History and some time out in the sun playing football; while the toddlers got up to all sorts of no-good.

We all get ill now and then and it is good that the other mums are willing to step in and help out.  Many of us have home educated through some really rough times and children have continued to learn and develop really well.


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