Select Committee: Comments around the net

The transcripts without corrections for both MONDAY and WEDNESDAY are now available.

You can get your consultation response in HERE before the 19th October. The questions are so silly it shouldn’t take you long.

Around the Net

Gill has set to work on some of the quotes; especially the words of Badman himself which really are worth fisking.

Carlotta on the infringement of the Rights of the Child

Renegade Parent has commentary and links

Maire on her Staffordshire blog has some good commentary, links and ideas. There’s a lot of good info here so do scroll down and see other posts.#

Bishop Hill has had a conversation with Lynn Featherstone MP (LibDem). I too wonder what the “conundrum” over the protection of basic human rights; innocent until proven guilty and no entry without a warrant. Seems simple enough to me.

Douglas Carswell MP (Con) does understand that it is important to protect the rights of innocent families however.

BTW I have noticed in looking for info on what MPs who sat on these committees have to say about families, children and education that most do not appear to be open enough to have a blog. So while I don’t get Ms Featherstone’s conundrum at least she had the good sense to speak out so others could help out here.

There must be more. Let me know if you want your blog added.


Tech has this blog which you have to see.


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