Daily Archives: October 24, 2009

The BBC and the Government School’s Minister attack Christian home educators. No one seems surprised.

I must admit the fact Roger Bolton came out with bigoted rubbish about Evangelical Christian home educators was hardly surprising. The BBC are openly anti-Christian in all sorts of ways. But I would have thought Diana Johnson would have hidden her agenda just a little. She didn’t seem to feel the need to though and backed the smear from Bolton implying it was part of why Badman had to come after us home ed families. This interview comes on the heels of Peter Traves from Staffordshire Children’s Services comments to the select committee.

While I have come across some home educators whose view is ‘my freedoms but not yours’ they are thankfully few. Most of us back each other’s freedom to teach children within their religion, culture and education philosophy that suits them. Stamping on relgious freedom soons leads to other freedoms being stamped on.

Tech stands up for freedom.

The more they try to pick off groups like autonomous educators, ‘poor’ home educators, Christians and whoever is next-the closer we will stand together.

I am waiting to hear a very strong statement from the Tory’s that they would ditch the whole process as a useless waste of time and money. I am waiting…