Fisking Oona Stannards Consultation Response. pt 1

My comments will be in red. Before I start I would like to point out that the CES is a ‘service’ for Catholic schools. It never has had, and I can’t see how it ever could have any remit over the life of Catholic families as we go about our business. It has no remit over the rights and duties of parents other than for those parents who choose to delegate partial responsibility for the education of their children to a Catholic school. Therefore the CES had no need to respond to this consultation at all. Who asked them to? What does Oona Stannard or any of her staff have to do with Catholic home education?
So, to begin:
Consultation Response:
Home Education – Registration and Monitoring Proposals
Q1 Do you agree that these proposals strike the right balance between the
rights of parents to home educate and the rights of children to receive a
suitable education?
Generally agree. We start from the premise that parents are the first educators of
their children with the prime responsibility for helping them to achieve their full
potential. {Actually the Church teaches that the parents have the right and duty to the education of their children-nothing about potential there}For most families schools are one chief means of achieving this. Where
parents decide otherwise the government needs to respect parents’ wishes [on this we agree]but also to assure itself that the rights of children are fully protected.[Ah yes because parents are guilty until proven innocent; or should I ask ‘protected from what?’] We note that several of
the recommendations of the review are still to be responded to by government and
we await these developments with interest. In particular the training of Local
Authority staff is key to a balanced interpretation of the proposals in practice.[LAs respecting the law as it stands would be balanced imho]

2. Do you agree that a register should be kept?

Agree. We are aware that this feels draconian to some[most] home educators but good

home education should have no fear. [here her ignorance shines through. Already we know there is plenty for ‘good home educators’ to fear-not least the blatant anti-religious stand taken by this Government and those who snuggle up with it.We have also been made aware that ‘good home educators who us an autonomous approach have a great deal to fear. And that is just the beginning.]It is a necessary step in the protection of children and their right to education.[in what way?}

3. Do you agree with the information to be provided for registration?

Agree.[Weird because the confusion of the select committee meeting suggests no one knows what information is to be provided. I take it she agrees with whatever Badman and Balls say whenever they say it]However, most parents will need considerable guidance on how to describetheir approach to education. LAs will need to exercise discretion in this area:understanding that parents are (mostly) not professional educators and are not familiar with educational language that schools take for granted, [ So Ms Stannard envisions documents of Edu-speak filled with meaningless jargon. Well I wont be doing that for a start] while continuing to ensure that children’s rights to an efficient and suitable education are met. [That, Ms Stannard if you know Catholic teaching and the law of the land is the PARENTs job] A further factor is the dissatisfaction and lack of trust that home educating parents may be feeling towards LAs ie part of their reason for home education,[ you don’t say] so Guidance might best come from another source other than LAs. [Interesting eh? Does she envision the CES having a role in dictating to Catholic families? She can’t have much idea how much the average Catholic wouldn’t trust the CES as far as we could chuck a pascal candlestick].

more to come.



5 responses to “Fisking Oona Stannards Consultation Response. pt 1

  1. “She can’t have much idea how much the average Catholic wouldn’t trust the CES as far as we could chuck a pascal candlestick”

    lol! How true!!

  2. Q1 assumes an incompatibility between the rights of parents (to home educate) and the rights of children (to a suitable education).
    Ms Stannard’s uncritical response endorses that notion.

    Q2Its not a question of whether good home education should have no fear, but a question of whether in principle, home educators should be forced to register their children on a state database, thereby creating for the state a means to regulate the education of the home schooled and possibly other aspects of private family life.
    ‘..necessary step in the protection of children?’Can Ms Stannard produce evidence that the protection of home schooled children is compromised by the fact of being home schooled?

    Q3 The DCSF issues endless directives to LA’s and schools, aimed at telling the professional educators ‘how to’, sometimes with a hint of penalties for non-compliance. Does Ms Stannard really believe that home schoolers who have opted out of the system either need or want to be forced back in through the ‘back door’ of possibly statutary guidance?
    It’sentirely possible that parents homeschool because of the failures of the professional educators, institutions and even LA’s.

    Looking forward to your next fisk!

  3. Check out Eric Hester’s letter to the Times on my blog..or send me an e-mail please

    Many thanks keep up the good work..I’ve made it my aim to wipe that smile right off her face!

  4. Please add my blog to your links..

  5. Still shaking my head here in Texas.

    I read the follow-up to this and question #8 confuses me the most! I mean if there are “concerns” about the child being safe at home, then aren’t those concerns about the child being at home AT ALL? Education really isn’t the thing, is it? Another straw man.

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