Ye gods not Oona Stannard AGAIN! CES stabs Home Education families in the back {no one surprised of course}

For over 2000 years the Catholic Church has taught that the family is the domestic church, the bedrock of a healthy society and in the sacrament of marriage, holy. She has taught that parents have a right and duty to the education of their children and She has supported that right and duty through teaching, pastoral care and through schools and universities. (Remember the Catholic Church invented the university).  Schools were there to SUPPORT parents, never usurp their role. These teachings were repeated over and over with documents on the rights of families right up to  Vat II and after. There is the beautiful document FAMILIARIS CONSORTIO written by Pope John Paul II which encapsulates the whole teaching in a simple way.

But in England we have the CES.education_imagelarge

Nothing that comes out of the CES surprises me these days. It has long proved itself no friend to Catholic families, or to real education and to call it a service is stretching a point-although it certainly serves the anti-catholic, anti-family government very well indeed.

Oona Stannard, who has no authority within the Church to dictate to families how we should bring up and educate our children seems to think she can force her views down our throats.  She is already considered dangerous to the welfare of children by parents objecting to the appalling “All That I Am” programme. She is blamed as the “chief” who ensures that schools are not allowed to buy in orthodox and well rounded Catholic curricula even for RE (let alone anything else). Despite having absolutely NO CHURCH AUTHORITY whatsoever she insists on barging in on family life at every level even when parents demand otherwise.

It is long past time the bishops of England and Wales acted on this. She should have been sacked a long time ago.

Stannard has now gone on to stab home educators in the back and makes a special effort to twist the knife in those of us who are Catholic. Nice. H/T Maire.

Worse still, I know this will be reported as ‘Bishops’ supporting the Government. On the whole I try not to be harsh to our bishops. They have a tough job and I wouldn’t want to do it. But their silence on this issue is gravely damaging. They have been complicit with Stannard’s bullying behaviour for far too long.

I am going to fisk Stannards document in a while. Then I think Catholic home educators need to get together and write to our bishops and write to Bishop O’Donoghue who seems a good man. We should have turned to him before now I guess.


2 responses to “Ye gods not Oona Stannard AGAIN! CES stabs Home Education families in the back {no one surprised of course}

  1. Hahahaha, just clocked this over at Tim Finigan’s, thought I’d come here to see the outrage. Comedy gold is this bit:

    “If children from Catholic schools move to home schooling, will there be a requirement for the school where they have been registered to be told of the change and may they in turn pass this information to their diocesan education office? The reason being that if the child is Catholic, the diocese would want to make religious education materials and advice available to the home schooling family.”

  2. Hope you don’t mind- I have tagged you for the ‘say something nice about a priest’ meme!

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