So Home educating mothers have Munchausans by Proxy? Badman actually asked!

Some things just make you laugh. Paula Rothermal informs the DCSF of her interviews with Graham Badman in which his opening question was whether home educating mothers have Münchhausen by Proxy.

Don’t laugh-apparently this is true.

The obvious slur was that home educators are of course abusers. I might add at this point that the whole diagnoses of Munchhausen by Proxy is strongly debated in pyschiatric circles. There is serious doubt whether such a disorder exists at all. But that is by the by. Paula Rothermal’s evidence here shows a man determined to see nothing positive in home education and prepared to scrap the bottom of any barrel in search of something foul to throw at us.

I hope all parents are taking note of this.


5 responses to “So Home educating mothers have Munchausans by Proxy? Badman actually asked!

  1. You have got to be kidding…. well, of course you’re not. This seems like a bad movie from over here.

  2. I agree with BWYA. It looks like some nightmare movie.

  3. I think Badman suffers from stupidity, bias and dementia…that’s my diagnosis!! I believe it’s called wing-nut’s disease.

    Unbelievable that anyone, even Mr. Badman, would come up with such a thing.

  4. soulresponsibility

    I cannot quite get my head around this! I am fuming ! What is happening to this country ? AGHHHHHHH !!!!!!

  5. Thanks everyone. I think this question is surreal. The man must really loathe the whole concept of home education and want to stick as many knives in as he can think of.
    What on earth did he think Paula Rothermal was going to say?
    All research on homeschooling and home ed has been dismissed because it all shows that EHE works well-very well in fact.

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