Final comments on CES response to Badman Review

Interestingly when I came to check out the CES document for further fisking-it has vanished from their site.

They are taking some serious heat from parents at the moment because they are colluding with Ed Balls plans for sex ed for little ones. There’s a lot of stuff around the Catholic blogs on this so I wont write on it at this time. I will however say I believe that this already failed approach being forced on ever younger children is nasty and I am sure that Badman would love home educated children to have their innocence stripped from them too.

But back to the CES on home education. While the document has vanished I have kept back a marvellous little quote I just had to mention:

We have also been told of parents describing their home schooling
arrangements and curriculum as being “Catholic home schooling”. There is no such
model or programme of which we are aware and it is important that monitoring authorities are aware of this and feel able to revert to diocesan authorities and/or CESEW for advice if such queries arise. We would also find it helpful to be kept informed of the extent of the use of such a term, ie for what numbers of children and in what areas.

I would have thought it patently obvious that “Catholic home schooling” or as we like to say “home education”  was what went on in the Domestic Church of all families who are Catholic whether the children spend half their lives in school or not. To be fair they are talking strictly ‘curriculum’ here but then that too shows an amazing ignorance. There are a whole plethora of Catholic curricula out there (American mainly).  I am aware of Seton, Mother of Divine Grace, St Thomas Aquinas and many more. I have bought some excellent Catholic Heritage material for our family.

Many of us don’t use one set curriculum but pick’n’mix among various books and ideas that best suits our children.  There used to be a basic right to religious freedom -don’t know what happened to that.

The CES has no right whatsoever to ask what number of children are “Catholic home educated” as that is the business of the family and while I can imagine a situation (very rarely) where a Catholic family may want advice outside of home ed circles on curriculum I would bet they would go to a parish priest rather than have anything to do with the CES who have landed us with All That I Am and the useless Icons books. Are they worried that so many of us have Faith and Life in the house? LOL.


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