Online GCSE and A’Level tuition link

I’ve added a link under ‘curriculum’ for want of a better place for Tim Johnsons online tuition. He offers quite a bit for those of a classical bent as well as what is considered the core English and Maths.

I don’t know him, but have been told he is a good’un so I am putting the info here for anyone who is interested in their children doing GCSE, IGCSE or A’levels. There is a move to try and organise an exam centre for his students as well.

He has written on the Badman review.



2 responses to “Online GCSE and A’Level tuition link

  1. Off topic, but based on the comment that you left on my blog regarding Bishops, I can’t help thinking paragraph 2372 of the Catechism could be your best friend, if indeed this is the topic about which you are becoming cynical….


  2. Thanks Rita, that is indeed a useful ccc quote and I do have letters to write…

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