Fall of the Berlin Wall. Thanks JP II

p310534-Berlin-Berlin_Wall I didn’t get around to watching the news or seeing anything about the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, but I didn’t want it to go unmentioned.

Our family has visited the Cold War Museum at Cosford Air Museum and seen the ugly slabs they have, remnants of the fallen wall.

In the history of the world many huge walls have been build around cities and even across whole areas of country. We have the ruins of Hadrian’s Wall and some of the Antonine wall left here in Britain. All these walls were built to keep invaders out, even the the Great Wall of China, although often added to by tyrants was there to protect the people and keep invaders out.

The wall built in Berlin was to make the east a prison. Not to stop invaders getting in, but to stop the people getting out. All the guards and barbed wire were on that side and most of the deaths were of desperate people seeking freedom.

Pope Leo XIII warned us what would happen if communism was allowed a foothold-and of course he was right. Finally a spark came out of Poland  though.

It is good that the massive role Pope John Paul II played in bringing down the wall and communism has not been forgotten although I never see much in the MSM on this.


2 responses to “Fall of the Berlin Wall. Thanks JP II

  1. If you look in the background of this photo you will see a tall radio tower with a ball near the top. This was nicknamed the Pope’s Revenge, because when the sun shone on it a cross was seen in the ball 🙂

    Thought you might like that useless piece of trivia from someone who used to live there.

  2. LOL that’s interesting Tech thank you.

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