Is home ed worth considering?

A Guardian post asks Is Home Schooling Worth Considering?

I think more and more people will start asking this question now that home education is getting a broader exposure- even in essentially hostile pages like the Guardian.

The short answer is, yes, it is well worth considering. The question was asked in the money blogs so I am guessing for that family it could mean the loss of a wage and a heavy financial adjustment. Been there, done that. Many home educating parents share the money earning side of things and also the education of their children. For most of us however, one parent goes out to work and the other home educates. We have a friend who works occasionally and we help out with the children on those days. Some home educators find a good child minder who will continue the home ed and ensure the children attend the groups.

Most home ed families have to struggle with one wage and so they are good at taking care of one another; clothes, books, curricula, even food. There is a whole lot of learning available online for free as well.

The cost? Obviously it is a great deal cheaper than paying for an Independent school place. But then I read on the comments that the average school child’s parents has to find £1500 a year. Believe me home education doesn’t cost anything like that!

There was some good advice about being cautious with buying curriculums. I wouldn’t buy a complete one. Pick and choose books from among them so that you can tailor the learning to your child. Check out books you might want from different sources. Amazon isn’t always the cheapest.

Use local freebies like libraries (my local isn’t that good but still) museums and parks.

In the end, I can’t think of a better way to bring children up to be happy, educated and well rounded people.




One response to “Is home ed worth considering?

  1. as you said, the internet makes HE so much easier not only because of the educational information avaliable online, but also because of the HE community and support avaliable online.


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