The Tooth Fairy came

P1000973 Yesterday Ronan was busy working and snacking when finally the wobbly tooth fell out. He was very proud of his gap which only bled a little bit and so on the left there is the boy with his new gap.

Yes, he is pulling a strange “look at my gap” face-but that’s 6 year old boys for you.

Plans were immediately hatched to ensure the Tooth Fairy arrived. The tooth was wrapped and placed under Roni’s  pillow. I was then informed that his older friend (fellow EHE lad) thought there was no such thing as a Tooth Fairy and that really it was a parent who put money there.

I asked the children if they really thought mum and dad would want to buy a tooth? After due consideration it was decided by both Ronan and Avila that such an idea was silly. So, it must be a Tooth Fairy then. That idea had a lot more merit apparently.

This morning the Tooth Fairy had been. Iona was surprised as in her day the Tooth Fairy was a bit of a Slack Alice-so much so in fact that I remember her writing to him to remind him she had a tooth waiting under her pillow. (I believe the Tooth Fairy in question retains this note).

I told Roni he could spend his £1 on anything he liked such as sweets. He replied that he thought it would be great to…use in a Co-op trolley! As my friend pointed out to me this afternoon, the boy is obviously canny as he knows he would get it back. LOL!

There are no more wobbly teeth at present.


3 responses to “The Tooth Fairy came

  1. The tooth fairy gets lost on the way to our house and can sometimes take a couple of days.

  2. The tooth fairy is often swamped with so many teeth that she cannot make it everywhere. Ask me how I know.

  3. LOL Ladies, sounds much like our tooth fairy. Looks like life can be pretty busy for the average tooth fairy!

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