Home Education at the Museum and At Gallery

P1000987We have been using Artistic Pursuits as our main group art course.

We have reached the part (we are still on the Blue book) where we need to plan our own Gallery exhibition. So off we went to the Museum and Art Gallery to see how art work gets displayed.

And of course while we were there we just had to see all sorts of other stuff.

The BMAC is well laid out with plenty of hands on things for the children to do. In the photo above they are exploring how stained glass works and making patterns and pictures as well as a jigsaw of stained glass.

There was also some wood cuts to rub, pictures to colour and things to touch and feel.

P1010017There was also plenty of time to learn about life in the War and what a servant might be expected to do.

By the time we had been through art, stamps, Victorian living, the war, wood gingerbread moulds, the Egyptians…well Avila was nearly asleep.

Ther German Christmas market was being set up outside and K, one of the mums showed me that BMAC had a whole lots of free learning resources based on the market. Can’t find them right now, I think I’ll have to ask for the link and update later. Anyway I am sure most of you wont be wanting to rush off and do projects and lapbooks on the German Christmas market…or will you?


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