A week of Home Education

It’s actually been a fairly quiet week this week. We’ve spent more sofa-time than usual and a bit more computer time as well.home education

Ronan really loved the story of The Black Douglas. One of the good things about the Ambleside curriculum is that a lot of the stories are just right for boys.

We spent some time with Mr’ Linney’s Latin and Spanish. Ronan did a bit of revision with the Latin Quizzes.

Heleyna and Avila used More Starfall for singing, dancing and reading.

Iona was writing up her mock essay for her Open Uni courses. She’s had a go with the Open Learn site but I wanted to be sure she can mange the essay side of it too. The Times has written about the growth of free online University courses. So we can use iTunes U for OU and plenty of other Universities including Oxford . The list of Unis using iTunes to offer free lectures as podcasts is apparently growing. I hope those same Unis might start thinking of offering distance learning as the OU have done to help students save a little money and get into less debt.

Meanwhile Iona is also planning some sessions to do with the home ed group. She wants to lead some more sessions as good practice before her work placement comes up in one of the local primary school (yes I see the irony).

P1000968Ronan has been learning to touch type courtesy of BBC schools. This is an important skill especially these days, and he seems to have taken well to it.

We got some Christmas cooking under way as well. The children helped with the weighing and soaking of fruit and mixing up of Christmas cake.

Another home ed family came over Wed afternoon mainly for play and reading time.

There as the trip to the Museum and Art Gallery on Friday which was good fun, although poor old Avila ended up sitting in my lap in an exhausted heap. So you see, we really had done the place. Sadly a couple of the families couldn’t make it that day.

Ronan got a pair of chopsticks from Alex’s girlfriend because he wants to learn how to use them. So food should be interesting next week!

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