Badman and Balls- I stood up in Church today!

Before going off to Mass this morning I read the following quote from THIS DOC (scroll down to page 83 + for the Home Education part.
First year of registration
Children in the first year will all receive 2 * 4 hour meetings with LA officer (includes planning, travel time
50% of children in the first year will receive an additional 2 * 4 hour sessions. This is an estimate about
what % of initial assessments will require further action. There is little data, because the scheme has not
yet been implemented, but we are as confident as we can be that this is a high end estimation.
Monitoring visits
All children receive 1 x 8 hour visit at the end of the year.
50% will receive an additional 1 x 8 hour visit.
On no account do I intend to comply with the above utterly ridiculous, expensive and malicious plan. What kind of LA officer wants to spent 4 hrs in someone’s home disrupting their days and the children’s education? What kind of person would ever agree to a job that included 8 hrs with ONE family?
All this is written based on conjecture and the false stats that have already been dismantled and yet, there they still are!
I took the petition to Church and at the end of Mass, thanks to Father agreeing, I was able to stand up and speak to everyone. It is utterly nerve wracking but I explained what was happening to us and asked for the petition to be signed.
Iona noted that while families and a lot of the older men signed, it was the grandmothers who really took the situation on board. They have brought up their children and are the traditional grandparent type who believe in being a parent forever and caring for their children and grandchildren. They truly understand what removing parental rights means.
I am truly grateful.

10 responses to “Badman and Balls- I stood up in Church today!

  1. Wow, well done! Very interesting about the grandmothers, and makes perfect sense.

  2. What a great idea,!

  3. Good for you! I’ll be going along to the local ‘granny’ gym tomorrow and hope for the same sort of response.

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  5. Wonderful idea! I’d be terrified to stand in front of a group like that–so well done!!

  6. good for you standing up in church. I am glad people signed the petition.


    Take a bow and get the word out to others!

  8. I wish I could take it to my parish for you. You are all in my prayers daily.

  9. Do you mind adding my blog to your links>

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