Home Education -doing it, showing it and handing in the petition

Nature study is a core part of the early years of Miss Mason’s epistemological approach. A walk to the park and a game of Pooh sticks is a wonderful way for children to learn. When it comes to seeing and appreciating the local wildlife however, my children are never going to make it as the next David Attenborough as the enthusiasm of the Mighty 2 Year Old gets the better of her and she keeps bellowing “LOOK!” which immediately causes the receiver of her cheerful and loud attention to make a dash for it.

On our trip to the park I went with the petition in my crip-scooter basket and I stopped people along the way and asked them to sign. It was worth a try I thought. Reports from my son who had a page in his place of work, was that lots of people wouldn’t sign because they didn’t understand the wording and there were a lot of teachers who go there who (to be honest to my surprise) were not willing to sign it either. I did note one teacher legging it when he thought he might be asked to sign it the other day.

Meanwhile home education continues. Ronan enjoyed the story writing activity Classics for Kids set this week and there was yet more Chinese being spoken around the house. Even Heleyna is picking it up! (I’m not. It’s too hard!)

In Geography the children cut out copies of South America and Africa and looked at how they used to fit together. They learned a bit more about plate tectonics and how the plates make mountains and earthquakes.

On Thursday their dad had a day off so not much formal stuff was done but he did sit with Ronan and Avila so they could read to him.

Then on Thursday evening we left Alex and his Beloved with Heleyna and the rest of us went off to watch Josh in panto. It was a production of Jack and the Bean Stalk in which Josh starred in the first half as the back end of Daisy the cow and had a strange script consisting of the word “Moo!” In the second half he played a wizard and was very funny indeed. The show was lots of fun and the audience were appreciative. It was lovely to see how much Avila enjoyed herself. I think she might want to follow in her biggest brother’s footsteps one day- if she doesn’t fulfil her present ambition to be a builder.

Then yesterday was our Home Education Open Art Display afternoon. This was the suggestion in the Artistics Pursuits course we are doing as a group. We had been to the museum and taken note of how things were displayed in the Art Gallery and then the children spent a lot of time mounting and putting up their work.

Not all of it was pictures on the wall-though the walls were duly covered with paintings, drawings, colourings, and photos; but we also had a little display of decorated Christmas cakes the children had done under the tutelage of “Hiona the Professional”.

While neighbours and friends came over to have a look at the children’s work Al came home early and we went off to hand in the petition. It’s in and done.

It occurred to us mums that there was quite a lot of work in display considering it was only from September. We realised that usually once a piece of work is finished it gets put in a box, or folder and we rarely, if ever, look at it again. Some pieces get put on the wall for a while, but this huge display of what the group has produced was quite an eye opener.

We have decided that we would like to do something like this at the end of each term. We would invite people in to see the work and maybe look at curricula and whatever other stuff might be of interest. It would be a good way for the children to see what they have achieved (oooh enjoy and achieve!-sorry, I’ll stop it now)and for us to perhaps lift some of the strange mystique around the whole idea of EHE. Or perhaps we just want any excuse for a bit of a party:)



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